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Kidney Transplantation: Challenging the Future

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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080514411120101


Kidney transplantation is worldwide considered the best replacement therapy in patients with end-stage renal disease. However, although impressive improvements in surgical techniques and in the management of immunosuppression, long-term results have not significantly changed over the last decades. The purpose of this book is not to be a comprehensive review on kidney transplantation, but it would overview the recent acquisitions in the field of kidney transplantation, by offering to clinicians the future directions and the possible fields of research to improve the long term outcome. The book is divided into 27 chapters. The first part of the book is devoted to the basic principles of immunity and organ transplantation and the clinical evaluation of potential recipient. Moreover, in this section are discussed the most recent strategies to increase the donor pool trying to offer a kidney transplantation to a growing number of patients. The second part of the book is devoted to the immunosuppression. In these two chapters, the authors present an overview on the immunosuppressive management of kidney transplant recipients, with particular emphasis on the minimization of immunosuppression. The third part of the book is devoted to the complications of immunosuppression and to the psychological aspects of transplantation. This section is particularly detailed, and offers a complete point of view on the consequences and benefits of kidney transplantation. Last section is devoted to the future. The clinical tolerance and xenotransplantation are not still the present, but the authors illustrate the fields of application of these fundamental aspects of organ transplantation. The authors and editors have tried to select an appropriate mix of citations, but it has not been possible to cite all the relevant articles. Apologies are due to those authors whose works we have failed to cite. Our goal was to provide the most recent acquisitions in a practical manner. We hope that we have succeeded. Special thanks to all the authors for their excellent and enthusiastic collaboration and special thanks to our patients to whom are dedicated all our efforts.

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- Pp. i
Alessandro Nanni Costa
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- Pp. ii
Massimiliano Veroux
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-vi (4)
Massimiliano Veroux, Pierfrancesco Veroux
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Immunological Basis of Acute and Chronic Kidney Rejection

- Pp. 3-19 (17)
Guido Sireci
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The Clinical Evaluation of the Renal Transplant Candidate

- Pp. 20-26 (7)
Pietro Castellino, Luca Zanoli, Annamaria Zoccolo
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High-Risk Recipients in Kidney Transplantation

- Pp. 27-46 (20)
Neha Patel, Nicole A. Weimert
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ABO-Incompatible Renal Transplantation

- Pp. 47-55 (9)
Kazunari Tanabe
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Pre-Transplant Histological Evaluation in Kidney Transplantation

- Pp. 56-62 (7)
Lidia Puzzo, Enrico Vasquez
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Renal Transplantation from Expanded Criteria "Marginal" Donors

- Pp. 63-70 (8)
Burcin Ekser
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Kidney Transplantation from Donors with Hepatitis

- Pp. 71-84 (14)
Massimiliano Veroux, Daniela Corona, Pierfrancesco Veroux
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Perioperative Anaesthesiologic Management During Kidney Transplantation

- Pp. 85-97 (13)
Massimiliano Sorbello, Laura Parrinello, Jessica Giuseppina Maugeri, Alessandro Laudani, Mirko Tindaro Sidoti, Gianluigi Morello
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Surgical Techniques of Living Donor Nephrectomy

- Pp. 98-127 (30)
Ugo Boggi, Fabio Vistoli, Carlo Moretto, Marco Del Chiaro, Chiara Croce, Stefano Signori, Nelide De Lio, Vittorio Perrone, Gabriella Amorese
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A Market in Organs

- Pp. 128-143 (16)
Miran Epstein
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Pediatric Renal Transplantation

- Pp. 144-167 (24)
Kar-Hui Ng, Wee-Song Yeo, Hui-Kim Yap
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Diagnostic Challenges in Kidney Transplantation

- Pp. 168-185 (18)
Kevin Herman, Abid Irshad, Susan Ackerman, Mehwish Shazly
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Immunosuppression in Kidney Transplantation

- Pp. 186-207 (22)
Giuseppe Grandaliano, Vincenzo Losappio, Annamaria Maiorano
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Minimization of Immunosuppression

- Pp. 208-218 (11)
Joshua J. Augustine, Donald E. Hricik
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Protocol Biopsies in Renal Transplantation

- Pp. 219-226 (8)
David Rush
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Quality of Life After Kidney Transplantation

- Pp. 227-240 (14)
Kris Denhaerynck, Fabienne Dobbels, Jürg Steiger, Sabina De Geest
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Graft-Transmitted Infection in Kidney Transplantation

- Pp. 241-250 (10)
Laetitia Albano, Marie-France Mamzer, Fanny Lanternier, Christophe Legendre, Olivier Lortholary
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Infectious Complications of Kidney Transplantation

- Pp. 251-272 (22)
Paolo Antonio Grossi, Daniela Dalla Gasperina
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Impact of Polyomavirus BK and Cytomegalovirus on the Kidney Allograft

- Pp. 273-288 (16)
Ilkka Helanterä, Adrian Egli, Petri Koskinen, Hans H. Hirsch, Irmeli Lautenschlager
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Epidemiology of Cancers After Kidney Transplantation and Role of Viral Infections

- Pp. 289-301 (13)
Pierluca Piselli, Enrico Girardi, Diego Serraino, Vincenzo Puro, Claudia Cimaglia, Giuseppe Ippolito
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Post-Transplant Cancer: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Management

- Pp. 302-311 (10)
Giuseppe Giuffrida, Daniela Corona, Massimiliano Veroux
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Cardiovascular Disease and Renal Transplantation

- Pp. 312-323 (12)
Emily P. McQuarrie, Alan G. Jardine, Bengt C. Fellström, Hallvard Holdaas
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Glomerulonephritis After Kidney Transplantation

- Pp. 324-339 (16)
Bela Ivanyi, Dejan Dobi, Eva Kemeny, Edit Szederkenyi
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Chronic Renal Allograft Dysfunction

- Pp. 340-353 (14)
Roberto Marcén
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Pregnancy and Kidney Transplantation

- Pp. 354-369 (16)
Lisa A. Coscia, Carolyn H. McGrory, Vincent T. Armenti
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Clinical Tolerance in Kidney Transplantation

- Pp. 370-377 (8)
Tatsuo Kawai, A. Benedict Cosimi
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Xenotransplantion: Perspectives on the Future

- Pp. 378-389 (12)
Burcin Ekser
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- Pp. 390-391 (2)
Massimiliano Veroux, Pierfrancesco Veroux
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