Editor: Evelio J. González

Artificial Intelligence Resources in Control and Automation Engineering

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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080512671120101


This e-book focuses on the application of artificial intelligence resources in fields related to Control and Automation Engineering. Techniques such as neural networks, fuzzy logic and expert systems are a key tool for researchers and engineers requiring powerful solutions to a wide range of problems. The e-book should be a useful guide for these engineers and presents practical examples of real cases where these techniques have been successfully applied.

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- Pp. i
Lorenzo Moreno
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- Pp. ii
Evelio J. González, Leopoldo Acosta, Alberto F. Hamilton
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Evelio J. González, Leopoldo Acosta, Alberto F. Hamilton
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Intelligent PID DC Motor Speed Control Alteration Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimization

- Pp. 3-14 (12)
Boumediène Allaoua
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Systems Theoretic Techniques for Modeling, Control and Decision Support in Complex Dynamic Systems

- Pp. 15-72 (58)
Armen Bagdasaryan
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Fuzzy Controllers Design for the Inertia Wheel Inverted Pendulum

- Pp. 73-91 (19)
Fatah Chetouane
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Engineering Congestion Control of Internet Video Streaming with Fuzzy Logic

- Pp. 92-107 (16)
Martin Fleury, Emanuel A. Jammeh, Mohammed Ghanbari
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Artificial Intelligence and Electrical Drives

- Pp. 108-134 (27)
Ben Hamed Mouna, Sbita Lassaâd
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Mobile Manipulator with Resolved Acceleration and Knowledge-Based Fuzzy Active Force Control

- Pp. 135-158 (24)
M. Mailah, E. Pitowarno, A. Noshadi
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Intelligent Systems Used in Continuous Casting Process

- Pp. 159-179 (21)
Gelu Ovidiu Tirian
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A Novel Electric Load Demand Forecaster Using Taguchi’s Method and Artificial Neural Network

- Pp. 180-192 (13)
Albert W.L. Yao, J.H. Sun, H.T. Liao, C.Y. Liu, C.T. Yin
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An Application of a Dynamic Matrix Control Algorithm: Path Tracking Using Predictive Control

- Pp. 193-197 (5)
J. Espelosín, A. Hamilton, L. Acosta, J. Toledo, E.J. González
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- Pp. 198
Evelio J. González, Leopoldo Acosta Sánchez, Alberto F. Hamilton Castro
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