Editors: Karoly Tihanyi , Monika Vastag

Solubility, Delivery and ADME Problems of Drugs and Drug-Candidates

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-619-4 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2011
DOI: 10.2174/97816080512051110101


This comprehensive ebook covers all the aspects of ADME/PK modeling including solubility, absorption, formulation, metabolic stability, drug-drug interaction potential and a special delivery tool of drug candidates. The book provides an integrated view of fundamental ADME issues and challenges in early drug development from the aspect of practicing drug researchers. It also provides valuable help for the medicinal chemist in the process of multiple optimization.

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- Pp. i
Olavi Pelkonen
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- Pp. ii-iii (2)
Károly Tihanyi
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- Pp. iv-v (2)
K. Tihanyi, M. Vastag
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Recent Advances in ADME Predictions

- Pp. 3-32 (30)
Laszlo Molnar, Gyorgy M. Keseru
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Physicochemical Characterization of NCEs in Early Stage Drug Discovery

- Pp. 33-51 (19)
Gyorgy T. Balogh
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Solubility as a Challenge in Drug Research and Development

- Pp. 52-67 (16)
Attila Sandor Halász
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Preclinical Formulation in Early Drug Research

- Pp. 68-85 (18)
Ottilia Balazs
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Intestinal Absorption and Models of Penetration

- Pp. 86-101 (16)
Eva Hellinger, Monika Vastag
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Membrane and Dye Efflux Assays to Detect and Characterize the Interaction of Drugs with ABC Transporters

- Pp. 102-116 (15)
Eniko Ioja, Zoltan Nagy, Viktoria Juhasz, Judit Janossy, Krisztina Heredi-Szabo, Peter Krajcsi
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Induction and Inhibition of Drug Metabolizing Enzymes

- Pp. 117-143 (27)
Karoly Tihanyi
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Drug Transport and the Blood-Brain Barrier

- Pp. 144-165 (22)
Maria A. Deli
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Tools for Modelling Blood-Brain Barrier Penetrability

- Pp. 166-188 (23)
Szilvia Veszelka, Agnes Kittel, Maria A. Deli
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Cell-Penetrating Peptides and Protein Transduction Domains in Drug Delivery

- Pp. 189-212 (24)
Erno Duda, Tamas Letoha
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Transporterization: A Tool for Drug Delivery to the Central Nervous System

- Pp. 213-228 (16)
Gabor Orgovan, Bela Noszal
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Subject Index

- Pp. 229-232 (4)
K. Tihanyi, M. Vastag
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