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Biotechnological Production of Plant Secondary Metabolites

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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080511441120101


Modern techniques have been developed to overcome problems associated with the extraction of natural products from plants. These techniques include production of secondary metabolites by biotechnological methods such as plant tissue culture and microbial biotransformation of natural substances. Such methods have led to an increased yield of secondary metabolite amount, the discovery of new biochemical derivatives and agricultural development. For instance, use of these techniques in agricultural area have led to some beneficial traits such as formation of new varieties of known plant species, better crop quality, higher yield, better nutritive properties, more resistant species to insects and pests. Microbial biotransformation is beneficial in plant secondary metabolite production and derivatization (chemical modification of any compound made by a microorganism) and is chiefly applicable to several varieties of terpenes and steroids. This E-book demonstrates recent developments in this field. It will be of particular interest to the professionals in pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, as well as natural product chemists, medicinal chemists, plant biochemists, and molecular biologists.

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Bilge Sener
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Ilkay Erdogan Orhan
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List of Contributors

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Ilkay Erdogan Orhan
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Plant Cell and Tissue Culture as a Source of Secondary Metabolites

- Pp. 3-20 (18)
Rodríguez-Sahagún A., Del Toro-Sánchez C.L., Gutierrez-Lomelí M., Castellanos-Hernández O.A.
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Natural Products Extracts: Terpenes and Phenolics

- Pp. 21-35 (15)
Gutiérrez-Lomelí M., Del Toro-Sánchez C.L., Rodríguez-Sahagún A., Castellanos-Hernández O.A.
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Biotechnological Production of Coumarins

- Pp. 36-52 (17)
Alev Tosun
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Novel Biomedical Agents from Plants

- Pp. 53-66 (14)
Athar Ata
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Production of Anthocyanins by Plant Cell and Tissue Culture Strategies

- Pp. 67-86 (20)
Claudia Simões, Norma Albarello, Tatiana C. de Castro, Elisabeth Mansur
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In Vitro Organ Cultures of the Cancer Herb Castilleja tenuiflora Benth. as Potential Sources of Iridoids and Antioxidant Compounds

- Pp. 87-106 (20)
Gabriela T.-Tapia, Gabriel R.-Romero, Alma R. L.-Laredo, Kalina B.-Torres, Alejandro Zamilpa
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Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Cultures in Terpenoids

- Pp. 107-123 (17)
Irem Tatli
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Bioactive Chemical Constituents and Biotechnological Production of Secondary Metabolites in Amaranthaceae Plants, Gomphreneae Tribe

- Pp. 124-158 (35)
Marcos J. Salvador, Nathalia L. Andreazza, Aislan C.R.F. Pascoal, Paulo S. Pereira, Suzelei C. França, Orghêda L.A.D. Zucchi, Diones A. Dias
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Biotechnology Approaches and Economic Analysis of Jojoba Natural Products

- Pp. 159-175 (17)
Mohammed A.M. Aly, Aydin Basarir
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The Effects of Pesticides on Plant Secondary Metabolites

- Pp. 176-186 (11)
Monica Hancianu, Ana C. Aprotosoaie
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Cardenolide Production as an Important Drug Agent

- Pp. 187-199 (13)
Sebnem Harput U.
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Progress in Biotechnological Applications of Diverse Species in Boraginaceae Juss.

- Pp. 200-214 (15)
Ufuk Koca, Hatice Çölgeçen, Nueraniye Reheman
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Production of Anticancer Secondary Metabolites: Impacts of Bioprocess Engineering

- Pp. 215-240 (26)
Sajjad Khani, Jaleh Barar, Ali Movafeghi, Yadollah Omidi
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Ilkay Erdogan Orhan
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Ilkay Erdogan Orhan
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