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Optimality Conditions in Vector Optimization

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Year of Publication: 2010
DOI: 10.2174/97816080511061100101


Vector optimization is continuously needed in several science fields, particularly in economy, business, engineering, physics and mathematics. The evolution of these fields depends, in part, on the improvements in vector optimization in mathematical programming. The aim of this Ebook is to present the latest developments in vector optimization. The contributions have been written by some of the most eminent researchers in this field of mathematical programming. The Ebook is considered essential for researchers and students in this field.


- Pp. i-ii (2)
Fernando Lobo Pereira
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- Pp. iii
Manuel Arana Jim´enez, Gabriel x Gabriel Ruiz Garz´on, Antonio Rufi´an Lizana
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- Pp. iv-v (2)
Manuel Arana Jim´enez, Gabriel x Gabriel Ruiz Garz´on, Antonio Rufi´an Lizana
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Pseudoinvexity: A Good Condition for Efficiency and Weak Efficiency in Multiobjective Mathematical Programming. Characterization.

- Pp. 1-16 (16)
M. Arana-Jim´enez, G. Ruiz-Garz´on, A. Rufi´an-Lizana
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Optimality and Constraint Qualifications in Vector Optimization

- Pp. 17-34 (18)
Carosi Laura, Martein Laura
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Second Order Optimality Conditions in Vector Optimization Problems.

- Pp. 35-60 (26)
M. Hachimi, B. Aghezzaf
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Invex Functions and Existence of Weakly Efficient Solutions for Nonsmooth Vector Optimization

- Pp. 61-74 (14)
Lucelina Batista Santos, Marko Rojas-Medar, Gabriel Ruiz-Garz´on, Antonio Rufi´an-Lizana
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Proper Efficiency And Duality For Differentiable Multiobjective Programming Problems With B-(P,R)-Invex Functions

- Pp. 75-96 (22)
Tadeusz Antczak
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On Nonsmooth Constrained Optimization Involving Generalized Type-I Conditions.

- Pp. 97-104 (8)
S. K. Mishra, J. S. Rautelay, Sanjay Oli
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Duality Theory for the Multiobjective Nonlinear Programming Involving Generalized Convex Functions

- Pp. 105-118 (14)
R. Osuna-Gomezy, M. B. Hernnandez-Jimenez, L. L. Salles Neto
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Mixed Type Duality for Multiobjective Optimization Problems with Set Constraints

- Pp. 119-142 (24)
Riccardo Cambini and Laura Carosi
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Necessary and Sufficient Optimality Conditions for Continuous-Time Multiobjective Optimization Problems

- Pp. 143-163 (21)
Adilson J. V. Brand~ao, Valeriano Antunes de Oliveira, Marko Antonio Rojas-Medarx, Lucelina Batista Santos
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Optimality Conditions and Duality for Nonsmooth Multiobjective Continuous-Time Problems

- Pp. 164-182 (19)
S. Nobakhtian, M. R. Pouryayevali
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- Pp. 183-184 (2)
Manuel Arana Jimenez, Gabriel Ruiz Garzon, Antonio Rufian Lizana
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