Editors: Antonio Teixeira, Marina Vinaud, Ana Maria Castro

Emerging Chagas Disease

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-569-2 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2009
DOI: 10.2174/97816080504131090101


The book focuses on a global problem challenging the health systems. Trypanosoma cruzi infections are transmitted by cone-nosed triatomine bugs, by blood transfusion and congenitally from mothers to their offspring. The American Trypanosomiasis affects 20 million people; among them a significant parcel (< 1/3) will develop Chagas disease in the heart and digestive tract, where the immune system effector cells destroy target host cells. Genotype modifications resulting from transfer of minicircle sequence kDNA from the parasite into the host´s genome may explain the autoimmune pathogenesis of the disease. The book discusses various aspects of this disease and should be of interest to readers who wish to keep abreast of the developments in this field.


- Pp. i-ii (2)
Wanderley de Souza
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- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Antonio Teixeira
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- Pp. v-vii (3)
Antonio Teixeira, Marina Vinaud, Ana Maria Castro
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History of Chagas Disease as a Public Health Problem in Latin America

- Pp. 1-9 (9)
João Carlos Pinto Dias, Christopher John Schofield
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Endemic Chagas Disease

- Pp. 10-17 (8)
Antonio Teixeira, Rubens Nascimento, Nancy R Sturm
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Chagas Disease: A Global Health Problem

- Pp. 18-23 (6)
Ana Maria Castro, Marina Clare Vinaud, Antonio Teixeira
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Triatomine-Vector of Trypanosoma cruzi Infection

- Pp. 24-39 (16)
Liléia Diotaiuti
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A Review on the Ultrastructure of Trypanosoma cruzi

- Pp. 40-62 (23)
Wanderley de Souza, Kildare Miranda, Narcisa Leal Cunha e Silva, Thaïs Souto-Padrón
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Trypanosoma cruzi Mitochondrial DNA and the Parasite Lifecycle

- Pp. 63-69 (7)
Nancy R. Sturm
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Trypanosoma cruzi Nuclear DNA and its Correlation with the Parasite Lifecycle

- Pp. 70-82 (13)
David A. Campbell
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Host-Parasite Biology of Trypanosoma cruzi Infection

- Pp. 83-93 (11)
Conrad L. Epting, Kevin M. Bonney, Cheryl L. Olson, David M. Engman
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Acquired Immunity against Trypanosoma cruzi Infection and Vaccine Development

- Pp. 94-103 (10)
Maurício Martins Rodrigues, Bruna Cunha de Alencar, José Ronnie Vasconcelos
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Clinic Presentation of Chagas Disease

- Pp. 104-109 (6)
Antonio R.L. Teixeira
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The Pathology of Chagas Disease

- Pp. 110-121 (12)
Antonio Teixeira, Fernando Pimentel, Ciro Cordeiro
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Lateral Transfer of Minicircle Sequences of kDNA from Trypanosoma cruzi to the Genome of the Vertebrate Host

- Pp. 122-131 (10)
Nadjar Nitz, Antonio Teixeira
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The Pathogenesis of Chagas Disease in Mammals and Birds

- Pp. 132-137 (6)
Antonio RL Teixeira, Nadjar Nitz, Perla F Araujo, Mariana M Hecht
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The Treatment of Chagas Disease

- Pp. 138-144 (7)
Liana Lauria-Pires, Ana de Cassia Rosa, Rozeneide Magalhães, Cleudson Nery de Castro
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Perspectives in Drug Development for Chagas Disease Therapy

- Pp. 145-155 (11)
Izabela M. Dourado Bastos, David Neves, Meire M. Lima, Jaime M. Santana
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Environment, Interactions Between Trypanosoma cruzi and its Host, and Health

- Pp. 156-167 (12)
Antonio Teixeira, Clever Gomes, Silene Lozzi, Mariana Hecht, Ana Rosa, Pedro Monteiro,, Ana Bussacos, Nadjar Nitz, Concepta McManus
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Medical-Social Aspects of Chagas Disease

- Pp. 168-173 (6)
Antonio Teixeira, Mariana Hecht, Alessandro Sousa
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- Pp. 174-180 (7)
Antonio Teixeira, Marina Vinaud, Ana Maria Castro
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