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Structural Failure Analysis and Prediction Methods for Aerospace Vehicles and Structures

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Year of Publication: 2010
DOI: 10.2174/97816080502461100101


This book deals with structural failure (induced by mechanical, aerodynamic, acoustic and aero-thermal, loads, etc.) of modern aerospace vehicles, in particular high-speed aircraft, solid propellant rocket systems and hypersonic flight vehicles, where structural integrity, failure prediction and service life assessment are particularly challenging, due to the increasingly more demanding mission requirements and the use of non-traditional materials, such as non-metallic composites, in their construction. Prediction of the complex loading environment seen in high-speed operation and constitutive / fracture models which can adequately describe the non-linear behaviour exhibited by advanced alloys and composite materials are critical in analyzing the non-linear structural response of modern aerospace vehicles and structures. The state-of-the-art of the different structural integrity assessment and prediction methodologies (including non-destructive structural health monitoring techniques) used for the structural design, service life assessment and failure analysis of the different types of aerospace vehicles are presented. The chapters are written by experts from aerospace / defence research organizations and academia in the fields of solid mechanics, and structural mechanics and dynamics of aircraft, rocket and hypersonic systems. The book will serve as a useful reference document containing specialist knowledge on appropriate prediction methodologies for a given circumstance and experimental data acquired from multi-national collaborative programs.


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Chi Tsieh (Jimmy) Liu
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Sook-Ying Ho
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Sook-Ying Ho
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Sook-Ying Ho
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Fatigue Life Assessment for High Performance Metallic Airframe Structures - An Innovative Practical Approach

- Pp. 1-17 (17)
S.A. Barter, L. Molent, R.J.H. Wanhill
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A Generic Design Procedure for the Repair of Acoustically Damaged Panels

- Pp. 18-53 (36)
R.J. Callinan, C.H. Wang, S.C. Galea, S. Sanderson
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Aerothermal and Structural Dynamic Analysis of High-Speed Flight Vehicles

- Pp. 54-84 (31)
S.Y. Ho
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Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis for Notched Specimens under Flight Spectrum Loading

- Pp. 85-95 (11)
W. Zhuang, L. Molent
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Application of Refined Plate Theory to Fracture and Fatigue

- Pp. 96-132 (37)
A. Kotousov, J. Codrington
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Non-Destructive Evaluation Methods for Solid Rocket Motor Structural Health Monitoring

- Pp. 133-155 (23)
S.Y. Ho
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Solid-Fueled Rocket Structural Integrity Assessment

- Pp. 156-177 (22)
S.Y. Ho
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- Pp. 178-180 (3)
S.Y. Ho
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.Advanced Control of Flight Vehicle Maneuver and Operation.
.Conceptual Design of Green Transport Airplanes.
.Aerospace Structures and Materials.
.High Order Large Eddy Simulation for Shock-Boundary Layer Interaction Control by a Micro-ramp Vortex Generator.