Author: "Mohammed M.S. Jan"

Manual of Child Neurology: Problem Based Approach to Common Disorders

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-393-3 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080502221120101


Since the last century, remarkable advances at both the basic and clinical levels have considerably improved our ability to evaluate and treat children with neurological disorders. Many cases seen by general pediatricians are primarily neurological accounting for up to 30% of all consultations to pediatrics with a high ratio of follow-up visits to new patients of about 3:1. This manual is a neurology reference for medical students and pediatric residents and is intended to supplement larger textbooks on pediatric neurology already available. Many of undergraduate medical students refer to deficient and oversimplified references that do not enable them to deal with pediatric neurology patients adequately. The manual presents a simplified, organized, and comprehensive problem based approach to common pediatric neurological disorders directed to the level of medical students, pediatric residents, general practitioners and general pediatricians. This e-book is thus a concise outline with practical tips to facilitate proper diagnosis and management of various neurological disorders.

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Review 1

“It [the book] provides a useful illustrated guide to approaching a child with a neurological problem in a problem based, concise, and simple manner.

Review 2

…I was struck by the fact that the author covered the clinical applications of this material in greater depth than has been achieved in books and learning programs currently available.” - Raidah S. Al-Baradie, Neuroscience Center, King Fahad Specialist Hospital

Review 3

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