Chapter 18

Headache & Migraine

Mohammed M. S. Jan


Headache is a common complaint, occurring in the majority of school age children. The frequency increases with increasing age and the etiologies range from tension to life-threatening infections and brain tumors. Migraine is the most frequent cause of acute and recurrent headaches in children. Children are usually brought to medical attention to exclude serious causes, such as brain tumors or meningitis. A thorough history, physical and neurological examination, and appropriate diagnostic testing (if indicated) will enable the physician to distinguish tension and migraine headaches from those of a secondary etiology. Children with recurrent headaches are more likely to have certain migraine related phenomena, such as motion sickness, teeth grinding (bruxism), sleep talking and walking (somnambulism), and syncope. Most patients with migraine have type A personality, making them worry allot, perfectionist, and high achievers. This may provide further risks and potential triggers to the recurrent headaches.

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