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Experimental Stroke

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Year of Publication: 2008
DOI: 10.2174/97816080500171090101


This eBook compiles the efforts of 20 experts in the field to review the latest advances in experimental stroke, with its strong emphasis on neurogenesis, angiogenesis and neuroprotection after cerebral ischemic stroke. It also provides current data for pharmacologic therapy, including anti-Inflammation, for stroke. Several chapters address cell death and apoptotsis after stroke as well as its replacement strategies by stem cells. Other chapters deal with the relation between stroke and neuroimmunology, BBB disruption and electrophysiological changes. Also covered is magnetic resonance imaging in ischemic brain. In a variety of preclinical models of stroke, pre-conditional and post-conditional stroke models will be discussed.


- Pp. i
Pak H. Chan
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- Pp. ii
Kunlin Jin, Guo-Yuan Yang
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- Pp. iii-v (3)
Kunlin Jin, Guo-Yuan Yang
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Calpain Modulation of Programmed Cell Death Pathways Following Cerebral Ischemia

- Pp. 1-8 (8)
P. S. Vosler, J. Chen
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Calcium-permeable Ion Channels and Ischemic Brain Injury

- Pp. 9-17 (9)
Theresa A. Lusardi, Xiangping Chu, Zhi-Gang Xiong
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The Protective Effect of Ischemic Postconditioning Against Ischemic Brain Injury

- Pp. 18-25 (8)
Heng Zhao
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Neovascularization Following Cerebral Ischemia

- Pp. 26-37 (12)
Rodney Allanigue Gabriel, Guo-Yuan Yang
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Role of Matrix Metalloproteinases After Stroke: From Basic Research to Clinical Impact

- Pp. 38-45 (8)
Anna Rosell, Eng H. Lo, Xiaoying Wang
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Blood Brain Barrier Dysfunction and the Endothelin System in Cerebral Ischemia

- Pp. 46-51 (6)
Samuel W. Cramer, Lin Li, Dandan Sun
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Research Progress of Hypothermia: Selective Intra-arterial Infusion and Regional Brain Cooling in Acute Stroke Therapy

- Pp. 52-62 (11)
Yuchuan Ding, Justin Charles Clark
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Stem Cell Transplantation and Cerebral Ischemia

- Pp. 63-73 (11)
Christine L. Keogh, Shan Ping Yu, Ling Wei
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Post-ischemic Neurogenesis and Brain Repair: Growth Factors and Cytokines

- Pp. 74-82 (9)
Yi-Ping Yan, Raghu Vemuganti, Robert J. Dempsey
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Brain Aging, Neurogenesis and Experimental Stroke

- Pp. 83-89 (7)
Kunlin Jin
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Erythropoietin and Ischemic Brain Remodeling

- Pp. 90-93 (4)
Zheng Gang Zhang, Michael Chopp
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Potential MRI Methodologies and Treatment of Stroke

- Pp. 94-99 (6)
Quan Jiang
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The Use of a Global Statistical Approach for the Design and Data Analysis of Clinical Trials with Multiple Primary Outcomes

- Pp. 100-108 (9)
Peng Huang, Robert F. Woolson, Ann-Charlotte Granholm
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- Pp. 109-112 (4)
Kunlin Jin and Guo-Yuan Yang
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