Pediatric Orthodontics: Theory and Practice

Pediatric Orthodontics: Theory and Practice

Release Date: 01-Dec-2020

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This book by George Litsas has been published on January 24, 2018.

Pediatric Orthodontics: Theory and Practice represents an effort to synthesize a systematic approach to the diagnosis and treatment planning of orthodontics problem only in the mixed- dentition period. The objectives of this book are to present to dental students and dental practitioners the necessary Knowledge of diagnosis and treatment in the field of Pediatric Orthodontics. It is cover major clinical aspects in questions and answers format suitable for quick reference and revision purposes.

Orthodontics has made remarkable progress in their understanding of growth, tissue response, increasingly sophisticated diagnostic techniques, available materials, and information. This book was written for three different parts of the dental community:

  1. Students and residents
  2. General dentists and specialists.

Chapter 1 presents aspects of diagnosis including a detailed facial examination and basic cephalometric analysis that we use as a basis of treatment planning in pediatric. The purposes of first examination are to evaluate the facial growth and to discover any transversal, vertical, or sagittal discrepancies that would worsen in time.

In chapter 2 an attempt has been made to provide the basic principles of occlusal development. Armed with this knowledge, clinicians can accurately discern which occlusal discrepancies would benefit from prevention and early orthodontic intervention. The orthodontic mechanisms available for this endeavor are not complex, but deciding which ones to use and when to employ them is far from simple.

Chapter 3 presents aspects of diagnosis and treatment planning of three main categories of pediatric orthodontic discrepancies:

  1. Dental and Skeletal cross-bite
  2. Dental anomalies
  3. Impacted teeth.

Benefits to Audience: With this book, senior students can gain motivation to deepen their knowledge in pediatric orthodontics or continue their studies at postgraduate level. It could be helpful as the senior dental student prepared for their exams in university. Dentists and pedodontists will also find this book helpful in their clinical practice. This book can also help the specialist orthodontist to quickly review the knowledge without unnecessary references.

Keywords: Medicine/Health, Dentistry/Periodontal Disease, Pain, Pediatrics, Medical/Scientific Ethics, Theoretical Sciences