Editors: Anita Rani, Manoj Kumar

Plant Mediated Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles

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ISBN: 978-981-5256-36-9 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2024
DOI: 10.2174/97898152563521240101


This book provides valuable knowledge about environmentally friendly methods of nanoparticle synthesis. The contents present information about the subject from synthesis, characterization, advantages, disadvantages, route of administrations up to effects of drug combinations.

Starting with an introduction to the concept of green nanoparticles, the book summarizes different types of plant extracts and their components. Green methods for preparing nanotherapeutic agents utilizing algae and marine plants to synthesize metal based nanoparticles are also explained. The book also places an emphasis on the improvement of metal nanoparticle formulations with polymers for antibacterial applications. A detailed review of the interaction of nanoparticles with or without drugs rounds the contents, with a guide to easily understand their site of action along with suitable reactions in the body.

This book is a primer on nanoparticle synthesis for pharmacology or nanomedicine programs that focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly methodologies for synthesizing therapeutics.


Students and academics in pharmacology and nanomedicine courses. Researchers studying sustainable methods for metal based nanoparticle production.


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Anita Rani, Manoj Kumar
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Green Nanoparticles: An Introduction

- Pp. 1-28 (28)
Savita Ahlawat*, Nirantak Kumar

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Synthesis, Characterization and Analysis of Green Nanoparticles

- Pp. 29-56 (28)
Nirantak Kumar*, Savita Ahlawat

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Biological Potential of Nanoparticles as Effective Pharmacological Agents

- Pp. 57-85 (29)
Pallvi Aggarwal*

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Mechanism of Action of Nanoparticles

- Pp. 86-108 (23)
Ankita Sharma*, Manita Thakur

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Synergic Effects of Nanoparticles with other Drugs and Their Combined Effects

- Pp. 109-128 (20)
Pinky, Nirantak Kumar*, Ankita Sharma

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Subject Index

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Anita Rani, Manoj Kumar
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