Editors: Motamarri Venkata Naga Lalitha Chaitanya, Galvina Pereira, Heyam Saad Ali

Alternative Remedies and Natural Products for Cancer Therapy: An Integrative Approach

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ISBN: 978-981-5124-70-5 (Print)
ISBN: 978-981-5124-69-9 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2023
DOI: 10.2174/97898151246991230101


This book provides a holistic view of natural products and remedies that have been used to treat cancer. The editors aim to educate readers about the importance of the translational role of natural products in cancer treatment by compiling 14 chapters. The book emphasizes an integrative approach to the topic by blending traditional knowledge that supports alternative therapies with the science of phytochemicals and drug discovery technologies as a means to manage the disease.

Key topics include alternative therapies (such as aromatherapy and immune boosting herbal medications), cytotoxic and anti-cancer phytochemicals, drug delivery and discovery technologies (including high-throughput screening) and some drug targets of interest for cancer treatment (such as topoisomerases and caspases). Readers will be able to learn about natural sources of ant-cancer compounds, and the methods used by research and development experts in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries to isolate and formulate these compounds.

This book will be a handy resource for a wide range of readers. This includes researchers, traditional medical practitioners, PG students, Ph.D. scholars and general readers to understand the role of natural products in cancer treatment.

Key Features:

⚬   Explains the importance of alternative therapies in the management of cancer.

⚬   Emphasizes the ethnopharmacological approaches to cancer.

⚬   Explores natural anticancer drug libraries.

⚬   Discusses the role of modern cancer targets and the importance of in-silico tools in anticancer drug discovery.

⚬   Addresses modern drug discovery tools and drug delivery technologies concerning their applications in cancer treatment.

⚬   Includes references for further reading.


Researchers in pharmacology and natural product chemistry; clinicians in oncology and chemotherapy. General readers interested in anti-cancer medicine.


The purpose of the book is to understand, emphasize, and appreciate the role of complementary and alternative medicine systems like Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Yoga, Mudras, Aromatherapy, and Homeopathy in the management of cancer. One of the vital factors that affect the development and spread of this disease is the lack of immunity and resistance. Through this book, we intend to offer our readers an amalgamation of interesting topics like natural immune-boosting foods, recipes, and herbs that fight against cancer coupled with modern drug discovery techniques such as in silico methods, High-throughput screening, and methods to convert these herbs into leads with suitable illustrations. This book emphasizes the role of spirulina, super green foods, weeds, African herbs, mushrooms, multi-targeting anticancer phytochemicals, and terpenoids as modern anticancer botanicals in the 21st century and botanicals acting on important targets like human topoisomerases I & II, and caspases in addressing cancer through translational approaches. The contents of the proposed books cater to a diverse audience from domains of food and nutrition, pharmaceuticals, medicine, and practitioners of CAMS and help them in understanding the ethnopharmacological, nutraceutical, phytochemical, and systems approach to cancer therapy.

Motamarri Venkata Naga Lalitha Chaitanya
School of Pharmacy
Lovely Professional University
Phagwara, 144402
Punjab, India

Galvina Pereira
Bombay college of Pharmacy
Mumbai, India


Heyam Saad Ali
Pharmaceutics Department
University of Khartoum
Khartoum, Sudan