Editors: Mikail Aslan, Cengiz Bozada

Rare-Earth Metal Hexaborides: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

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ISBN: 978-981-5124-58-3 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2023
DOI: 10.2174/97898151245761230101


Rare-earth hexaborides are a group of materials composed of octahedral boron units. They are useful for making advanced ceramics that have a wide range of industrial applications due to their low electronic work functions, hardness, refractory properties, low electrical resistances and specific thermal expansion coefficients.

Rare-Earth Metal Hexaborides: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications provides a quick reference on rare-earth metal hexaborides and their engineering applications. It provides a primer on rare earth elements followed by details of rare-earth hexaboride structures, synthetic methods, and information about their alloys and ceramic composites. References to scholarly research are also provided for assisting advanced readers.

This reference is a handy source of information for chemical engineering and materials science scholars, and anyone interested in the applied chemistry of rare-earth metals and borides.


Scholars, engineers, and general readers in chemical engineering, applied chemistry, and materials science.


Rare-earth hexaborides have attracted continuous attention for more than half a century, both from the point of view of fundamental material sciences and for practical applications in various fields of engineering. These materials indicate a wealth of unusual electronic, mechanical, optical, and magnetic properties that have been closely investigated in recent decades using advanced spectroscopies and state-of-the-art physical characterization methods.

This book consists of a comprehensive collection of reviews offering a cutting-edge summary of the investigations based on rare-earth hexaborides from various viewpoints. The book includes chapters on the growth and characterization of different structure types of rare-earth hexaborides, and their theoretical and experimental descriptions, production methods, unusual properties, and improvements by alloying and compositing.

The book will appeal to anyone interested in material science, physics, and chemistry, especially researchers and postgraduate students who focus on production methods, structure types, and applications of rare-earth hexaboride compounds.


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Mikail Aslan
Gaziantep University, Faculty of Engineering
Department of Metallurgical and Material Science Engineering
Gaziantep, 27310


Cengiz Bozada
Gaziantep University, Faculty of Engineering
Department of Physics
Gaziantep, 27310