Editors: Juhi Saxena, Abhijeet Singh, Anupam Jyoti

Nanobiotechnology: Principles and Applications

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ISBN: 978-981-5123-56-2 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2023
DOI: 10.2174/97898151235551230101


Nanobiotechnology is the application of nanotechnology in biological fields. Nanobiotechnology is a multidisciplinary field that currently engages researchers in conventional as well as advanced avenues of engineering and natural sciences.The recent developments in nanobiotechnology have impacted various socio-economic sectors, including medical, agriculture, food, textile, and other industries. Although the integration of nanomaterials with biology has led to the development of diagnostic devices, contrast agents, analytical tools, therapy, and drug-delivery vehicles, bionanotechnology research is still in its infancy. The full potential of developments in this field have yet to be realized.

This book discusses various nano-engineered materials or nanocarriers that are used in different situations. It presents 8 chapters that cover the application of nanobiomaterials in environmental remediation, nanofertilisers, nanobiotics against antimicrobial resistance, nanobiosensors in pathogen detection, and nanotoxicity assessments. Each chapter is structured into easy-to-read sections that explain fundamental and applied concepts of nanobiomaterials. Readers will gain a current view of the biotechnological application of modern nanomaterials and nanoparticles. The book is intended to be a primer for students and researchers in agriculture, biotechnology, and biomedical engineering courses.


Undergraduate and graduate students of nanobiotechnology and biomedical engineering.


- Pp. i
Rahul K. Verma
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- Pp. ii
Juhi Saxena, Abhijeet Singh, Anupam Jyoti
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List of Contributors

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The Roles of Nanoparticles in Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis

- Pp. 1-10 (10)
Bitupon Gogoi, Devendra Jain, Madan Mohan Sharma*, Rajeev Mishra, Abhijeet Singh*
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Advances in Nano-remediation of Textile Dyes in Textile Industry Effluents: Current Developments and Future Prospects

- Pp. 11-35 (25)
Baby Sharma, Nilima Kumari, Shruti Mathur*, Vinay Sharma*
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Interaction between Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and Terrestrial Plants: An Overview of the Mode of Action and Future Perspectives

- Pp. 36-87 (52)
Poonam Patel, Prerna Dhingra, S. L. Kothari, Rohit Jain*, Sumita Kachhwaha*
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Role of Nanofertilizers in Agriculture-Futuristic Approach

- Pp. 88-111 (24)
Ali Asger Bhojiya*, Abubakar Yahaya Muhammad, Aliyu Ahmad Mahmud, Umar Salisu Ahmad, Monica Sen, Devendra Jain*
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Nanobiotics for the Treatment of MDR Infections

- Pp. 112-133 (22)
Mrinalini Roy, Surbhi Mewara, Prashant Sharma, Anupam Jyoti, Vijay Kumar Srivastava, Sanket Kaushik*
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Metallic Nanoparticles as Antibacterial Agents

- Pp. 134-156 (23)
Samridhi Sharma, Monika, Dong Wen-Liang, Shavkatjon Azizov, Deepak Kumar*
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Promises of Nanobiosensors in Pathogen Detection

- Pp. 157-162 (6)
Anurag Jyoti*, Neha Shrivastava, Vikas Shrivastava, Rajesh Singh Tomar
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Breaking the Barriers of Nanotoxicological Assessments: The Importance of Available Models and Future Perspectives

- Pp. 163-184 (22)
Abhinoy Kishore, Indranil De, Prashant Sharma, Manish Singh Singh*
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Juhi Saxena, Abhijeet Singh, Anupam Jyoti
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