Editor: Jean-Marc Sabatier

Series Title: Coronaviruses


Volume 3

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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898151233711230301


In this third year of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic responsible for COVD-19 and related diseases worldwide, the scientific studies and reviews focused on this virus and its variants are still crucial. The third volume of the Coronaviruses series brings together some essential data regarding the origin, pathology and chemotherapeutic drugs to treat coronavirus infections. Contributions are written by experienced researchers with the goal of updating medical researchers and clinicians dealing with COVID-19 patients. It presents seven chapters covering a range of topics: (1) bat coronaviruses in the world, (2) hospital challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, (3) the pro-inflammatory and thrombotic manifestations and the therapeutic options of Covid-19, (4) the common and rare dermatologic manifestations registered in COVID-19 patients, (5) the circulating biomarkers of cardiopulmonary disturbances in COVID-19, and (6) the aspects of pathology and pathogenesis of coronavirus infection.


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Jean-Marc Sabatier
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List of Contributors

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Bat Coronaviruses in the World

- Pp. 1-34 (34)
Karin Correa Scheffer*, Rene dos Santos Cunha Neto, Willian de Oliveira Fahl, Raphaela Mello Zamudio, Marcela Mello Zamudio, Karen Miyuki Asano, Maria Eduarda Rodrigues Chierato, Débora Fernanda Pavani Pedrozo, Enio Mori, Keila Iamamoto, Micheli Cocchi, Luciana Botelho Chaves, Andréa de Cássia Rodrigues da Silva, Helena Beatriz de Carvalho Ruthner Batista
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Hospital Challenges During the COVID-19 Pandemic

- Pp. 35-48 (14)
Salman Zarka*, Ala Abu-Saleh, Saher Srour, Shimon Edelstein, Karl Skorecki, Kamal Abu-Jabal, Nashat Abu-Saleh
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Proinflammatory and Thrombotic Manifestations and the Therapeutic Options of COVID-19

- Pp. 49-78 (30)
Mradul Kumar Daga*, Siddharth Chand, Naresh Kumar, Govind Mawari, R. V. Raghu, J. Aarthi
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Common and Rare Dermatologic Manifestations Registered in COVID-19 Patients

- Pp. 79-98 (20)
Linda Mohammadzadeh Boukani, Zohreh Mortezania, Alireza Mohammadzadeh Shabestari, Parisa Eshaghizadeh, Seyyedeh Touran Hosseini, Amin Daemi*, Yusuf Döğüş, Zafer Yönden
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Circulating Biomarkers of Cardiopulmonary Disturbances in COVID-19

- Pp. 99-112 (14)
Amin Daemi*, Alireza Mohammadzadeh Shabestari, Nahid Mirzaei Tirabadi, Seyyedeh Touran Hosseini, Mohammad Fathi, Yusuf Döğüş, Zafer Yönden
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Some Aspects of Pathology and Pathogenesis of Coronavirus Infection

- Pp. 113-138 (26)
V.A. Zinserling*, N.Yu. Semenova, L.A. Murashova
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Subject Index

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