Editors: Neeraj Mishra, Ashish Garg, Neeraj Upmanyu

Therapeutic Nanocarriers in Cancer Treatment: Challenges and Future Perspective

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ISBN: 978-981-5080-51-3 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2023
DOI: 10.2174/97898150805061230101


Nanotechnology has revolutionized cancer diagnosis and therapy through targeted drug delivery. Advances in protein engineering and materials science have led to the development of nanocarriers (NCs), which have helped overcome the challenges faced during conventional cancer treatment. These nanocarriers serve as an efficient transport module for drugs. Nano-drug delivery has emerged as a promising technology that results in early detection and better treatment of various cancers. The approved nanoparticles currently used in cancer treatment strategies include liposomes, dendrimers, polyplexes, solid lipid nano-carriers, etc. These nanocarriers shall provide a quick, safe, and cost-effective method in cancer therapy and management.

This book contains thirteen chapters focusing on the treatment of various cancers, i.e., lung, breast, cervical, ovarian, colon, prostate, head and neck, etc., through nanocarrier drugs. The chapters include reviews on a wide variety of advanced data from existing and ongoing clinical research and major regulatory considerations.

This reference book will greatly benefit undergraduate and postgraduate students, oncologists, pharmacists, and researchers involved in nanomedicine and nano-drug delivery.


- Pp. i
Amit K. Goyal, Kamal Dua, Subheet K. Jain, Sanyog Jain
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- Pp. ii-iii (2)
Neeraj Mishra, Ashish Garg, Neeraj Upmanyu
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iv-vi (3)

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Cancer Biology

- Pp. 1-30 (30)
Aakanchha Jain*, Shiv Kumar Prajapati, Dolly Jain, Richa Jain, Amrita Kumari Panda, Nagma Parveen, Satpal Singh Bisht, Santosh Kumar Behera
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Nanotechnology for Cancer Treatment: An Introduction

- Pp. 31-63 (33)
Farhan Mazahir, Anchal Pathak, Ujala Gupta, Awesh K. Yadav*
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Potential Approaches for Delivery of Surface Decorated Nano-carriers in the Management of Carcinoma

- Pp. 64-105 (42)
B. Patil, A. Tiwari, S.P. Pandey, T. Shukla*, N. Upmanyu
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Importance of Surface-modified Nanocarriers (SMN) in the Management of Cancer

- Pp. 106-132 (27)
Meghna A. Singh, Azmi Khan, Tarani P. Shrivastava, Firdos Khan, Ajay Sharma, Madhu Gupta*
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Targeted Nanocarriers-based Approach For Prostate Cancer Therapy

- Pp. 133-162 (30)
Ashish Garg, Vijay Sagar Madamsetty, Sumel Ashique, Vinod Gauttam, Neeraj Mishra*
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Nanocarriers and their Role in the Treatment of Breast Cancer

- Pp. 163-210 (48)
Sidhartha S. Kar, Arghya Kusum Dhar*, Shvetank Bhatt
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Importance of Surface-modified Nanocarriers in the Management of Cervical Cancer

- Pp. 211-227 (17)
Hari Krishnareddy Rachamalla, Vijay Sagar Madamsetty*
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Importance of Nanocarriers in Colon Cancer

- Pp. 228-254 (27)
Neha Srivastava, Yachana Mishra, Vijay Mishra*
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Nanocarriers in The Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer

- Pp. 255-279 (25)
Ashish Garg*, Vaibhav Kumar S. Gawali, Rupesh K. Gautam, Rajeev K. Singla, Sumel Ashique
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Accounts on the Nano-carrier System for Diagnosis Purposes

- Pp. 280-320 (41)
S.P. Pandey*, P. Jangied, T. Shukla, Tripathi A., N. Upmanyu
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Toxicology Related to Nanoparticles – Challenges and Future Prospects

- Pp. 321-348 (28)
Sweta Garg*, Prakash Pandey, Sumel Ashique, Neeraj Mishra
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Cancer Drug Products Containing Nano-materials: Key Regulatory Issues

- Pp. 349-381 (33)
Jinu Mathew, Pallav Namdeo, Ashish Garg*
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Future Prospective and Challenges in the Treatment of Cancer

- Pp. 382-394 (13)
Aakriti Garg, Santanu Kaity, Manisha Thakur, Ashok Kumar Datusalia, Anoop Kumar*
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Subject Index

- Pp. 395-400 (6)
Neeraj Mishra, Ashish Garg, Neeraj Upmanyu
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