Editors: Sachin Kumar Jain, Ram Kumar Sahu, Priyanka Soni, Vishal Soni

Herbal Immunity Boosters Against COVID-19

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ISBN: 978-981-5079-46-3 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150794561220101


This handbook provides an introduction to COVID-19 and herbal medications that boost the human immune system against SARS-CoV-2. The topics are covered in 7 chapters starting with an introduction to the disease, followed by notes on nutraceuticals and common herbal medicines that have therapeutic potential by enhancing the patient’s immune response. Special topics such as COVID-19 risk factors and Indian traditional medicines are also included to supplement the contents. The editors have taken advantage of the vast body of knowledge accumulated since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019.

Chapters are written in simple language with structured headings to facilitate a quick understanding of the subject. References are provided for scholars interested in further readings. The book is a quick guide on immune boosting medicines for a broad audience that includes general medical practitioners, nurses, caregivers, and public healthcare workers involved in clinics working in local communities.


General medical practitioners, nurses, caregivers and public healthcare workers involved in clinics working in local communities.


The book is an exclusive version of the instructive matter on Herbal Immunity Boosters for Covid-19. The herbal immunity booster is basically an emerging field that discusses potential preparations to diminish the severity of the infection caused by Covid-19. Currently, the effective treatment of COVID-19 is lacking. Hence it is imperative for individuals to use such type of food supplements which boost their immune systems. In this concern, the ideal technique is to fortify immunity naturally by using medicinal plants. Whereas, immunity booster deals with the remarkable protection mechanism against loads of bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins and parasites when entering the body. Additionally, other signaling pathways are recognized that are responsible for the regulation of the pathogenesis of infections and non-infectious diseases due to lower immunity. It also deals with the exploration of functional and nutraceutical foods for preserving body homeostasis which is essential to maintain immunity. Therefore, plants or herbs having immunomodulating properties should be included in the diet, and we should explore novel therapeutic opportunities to improve immunity against diseases. This book contains immense knowledge about Herbal Immunity Boosters for Covid-19 with respect to the mode of action, modulation of signaling pathways, regulatory aspects, safety, food supplements and drug delivery for better function of the immune system. In addition, drug development issues, adaptation to clinical use, market prospects and industrial commercialization too come under the concept of Herbal Immunity Boosters for Covid-19. The book not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also considers practical aspects. The book is very beneficial for students and researchers across the globe that are indulged in the reading and investigation of Herbal Immunity Boosters for Covid-19, thereby, spreading awareness all over the globe and promoting anticipated trends in the field of Herbal Immunity Boosters. The major objective of this initiative is to bring into light the entire fundamental concept. This book also includes different types of procedures and herbal medicines to increase and treatment and immunity of Covid-19.

Sachin Kumar Jain
Oriental College of Pharmacy & Research Oriental University
Ujjain Road Indore MP-452010
Ram Kumar Sahu
Department of Pharmaceutical Science
Sushruta School of Medical and Paramedical Sciences
Assam University (A Central University)
Assam, India
Priyanka Soni
B R Nahata College of Pharmacy
Mandsaur University,
Mandsaur Assam
Vishal Soni
B R Nahata College of Pharmacy
Mandsaur University,
Mandsaur Assam