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Current Cancer Biomarkers

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Year of Publication: 2023
DOI: 10.2174/97898150793641230101


Current Cancer Biomarkers is a comprehensive review on the status of biological markers for various types of cancer. It aims to update readers on current developments on the subject. The contents are divided into 5 sections covering a wide range of biomarkers and their diagnostic applications. The range of tumour biomarkers referenced here gives insights into molecular mechanisms behind cancer, including initiation, development, progression, prognosis, response to the therapeutic modalities, recurrence, and point-of-care application to detect cancer.

Key features :

-Introduction of the basic features of cancer markers

-Comprehensive and updated coverage of potential and effective biomarkers including genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, cellular and morphologic factors

-Information on biomarkers in many types of cancers including breast cancer, colorectal cancer, skin cancer, leukemia, liver cancer and prostate cancer

-Applications of biomarkers in cancer diagnosis

-Structured contents with easy-to-understand sections and headings

-References for advanced readers

The updated information about different aspects of cancer markers in the experimental and clinical setting will enrich the reader's understanding of the disease. The information serves as a resource to help in better management of cancer patients and understanding cancer biology when planning medical research projects. The book is intended as a reference for a diverse audience: biomedical science students, medical students, academics, researchers, clinicians and multidisciplinary teams involved in cancer management and research.


Biomedical science students, medical students, academics, researchers, clinicians and multidisciplinary teams involved in cancer management and research.


- Pp. i
M. Khalilur Rahman Khan
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- Pp. ii
Farhadul Islam
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-iv (2)

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Introduction: Current Status and Future Advances in Cancer Biomarkers

- Pp. 1-10 (10)
Farhadul Islam*
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Tumour Markers in Clinical Use

- Pp. 11-32 (22)
Sujani M. K. Gamage*, Chamath D. Ranaweera, Tracie T. Cheng, Sharmin Aktar, Vinod Gopalan, Farhadul Islam
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DNA Methylation Landscapes in Cancer and Non-Cancer Cells

- Pp. 33-49 (17)
Shaun Stangl*, Vinod Gopalan*
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Karyotyping and Chromosomal Aberrations in Cancer: Molecular and Diagnostic Biomarkers

- Pp. 50-80 (31)
Tracie T. Cheng*, Sujani M. K. Gamage, Sharmin Aktar, Vinod Gopalan, Farhadul Islam
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Tumour DNA Sequencing

- Pp. 81-99 (19)
Farhadul Islam*
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Circulating Tumour DNA: A Promising Cancer Biomarker

- Pp. 100-114 (15)
Sharmin Aktar, Vinod Gopalan, Plabon Kumar Das, Alfred King-yin Lam, Farhadul Islam*
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Circulating Tumour Cells in Solid Cancer

- Pp. 115-147 (33)
Sharmin Aktar, Tracie T. Cheng, Sujani M. K. Gamage, Vinod Gopalan, Farhadul Islam*
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Protein Cancer Biomarkers

- Pp. 148-179 (32)
Sarath S. Joseph, Dan H. V. Tran, Farhadul Islam, Vinod Gopalan*
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Enzymes: Tumour Associated Biomarker

- Pp. 180-194 (15)
Farhadul Islam*
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Glycoproteins and Cancer Biomarkers

- Pp. 195-227 (33)
Md Abedul Haque*
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Hormones as Cancer Biomarkers

- Pp. 228-240 (13)
Plabon Kumar Das, Farhadul Islam*
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miRNAs as Epigenetic Cancer Biomarker

- Pp. 241-271 (31)
Afraa Mamoori*
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Electrochemical and Optical Detection of MicroRNAs as Biomarkers for Cancer Diagnosis

- Pp. 272-348 (77)
Riham Zayani, Amira Ben Hassine, Amal Rabti, Amal Raouaf, Noureddine Raouafi*
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Electrochemical Biosensor for Cancer Biomarkers Detection

- Pp. 349-371 (23)
Md Arifuzzaman, Mostafa Kamal Masud, Asif Ahmed, Md Morsaline Billah, Md Nazmul Islam*
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Subject Index

- Pp. 372-378 (7)
Farhadul Islam
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