Marine Ecosystems: A Unique Source of Valuable Bioactive Compounds

Editors: Hassan A.H. Ibrahim, Mostafa M. El-Sheekh

Series Title: Marine Ecology: Current and Future Developments

Marine Ecosystems: A Unique Source of Valuable Bioactive Compounds

Volume 3

ISSN: 2661-4677
eISSN: 2661-4685 (Online)
ISBN: 978-981-5050-00-4
eISBN: 978-981-5051-99-5 (Online)


This reference highlights the significance of marine ecosystems, encompassing seaweed beds, seagrasses, coral reefs, mangroves, estuaries, and protected areas, as a remarkable gateway to overcoming healthcare challenges and unlocking a rich trove of bioactive compounds for drug discovery.

One of the key highlights of this book is its exploration of the development of marine bio-drugs, a field that demands collaboration among scientists from both academic and industrial fronts. The editors also include a prospective review on marine environments, emphasizing the necessity for big data, collective knowledge sharing, financial support, and streamlined administrative processes, all of which contribute to enhancing innovation in the drug discovery process. Another feature includes reference lists that allow researchers to explore topics of interest in depth.

With twelve comprehensive chapters, this book extensively covers marine ecosystem biodiversity, productivity, protected areas, and the intricate interplay of biotic and abiotic factors that shape these ecosystems. Readers will learn about important bioactive compounds within marine organisms and how to use this knowledge to outline a strategy for bio-drug discovery. The book caters to a diverse audience of researchers, students, ecologists, microbiologists, pharmacologists, and biotechnologists who are engaged in studying the dynamic components of marine environments. By providing the latest insights and strategies in the realm of bio-drug discovery from marine resources, this book serves as an invaluable resource for scholars and professionals seeking to tap into the potential of these unique ecosystems.


Ecologists, environmental scientists, pharmaceutical scientists, microbiologists, marine biologists.


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