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Algal Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals: Benefits, Opportunities, and Challenges

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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150518721220101


Edible algae, including seaweeds, are a source of functional food, dietary supplements, metabolites and bioactive compounds. Algal-based functional foods have potential health benefits, and their commercial value depends on their applications in the food and nutraceutical industries.

This book covers several aspects of algal based functional foods. It informs the reader about algal cultivation techniques, environmental impact, habitat, nutraceutical potential, extraction of bioactive metabolites, functional-food composition, bio-prospection, culture-induced nutraceutical compounds, algae-based bio-packaging, algal-biorefinery, toxicity, trends and future prospects. The editors present the topics in a research-oriented format while citing scholarly references.

This book is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the nutritional benefits and industrial utilization of algae as a sustainable food source.


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CRK Reddy
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Avinash Mishra
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List of Contributors

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Cultivation of Edible Algae: Present and Future

- Pp. 1-28 (28)
Danilo B. Largo*
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Cultivation Techniques to Induce High-Value Nutraceuticals in Microalgae

- Pp. 29-44 (16)
Xuan Ji, Luke Webster, Taylor J. Wass, Peer M. Schenk*
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Environment Impact on Algal Food Quality

- Pp. 45-73 (29)
K. Vasumathi*, K. Sundar, M. Premalatha
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Habitat and Resources of Edible Seaweeds

- Pp. 74-93 (20)
Monica G. Kavale*, Tejal K. Gajaria
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Algal-Based Nutraceuticals: Application and Potential

- Pp. 94-110 (17)
Jayani Samarathunga, Isuru Wijesekara*, Madhura Jayasinghe
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Algal Based Nutraceuticals: Trends and Prospects

- Pp. 111-130 (20)
Antony V. Samrot*, R. Emilin Renitta, S. Saigeetha
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Extraction of Microalgal Bioactive Compounds Towards Functional Ingredients: A Biorefinery Approach with Prospects And Challenges

- Pp. 131-183 (53)
Joana Assunção, Helena M. Amaro, F. Xavier Malcata, A. Catarina z Guedes*
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Bioactive Compounds from Algae: Potential Applications

- Pp. 184-211 (28)
K.R. Jayappriyan*, C. Kurinjimalar, M. Kaviraj, M. Vijayakumar, R. Rajkumar, Rathinam Raja
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Bioactive Compounds from Edible Seaweeds and their Applications

- Pp. 212-221 (10)
Anuruddhika Udayangani Rathnayake, Hee-Guk Byun, Indira Wickramasinghe*
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Microalgae as a Sustainable Source of Vegan Protein and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

- Pp. 222-233 (12)
Luke J. Webster, Xuan Ji, Peer M. Schenk*
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Micro-Algae as a Source of Food and Bioactive Compounds for Human Health

- Pp. 234-269 (36)
Sonal Mishra, Neha Kumari, Rajeshwar P. Sinha*
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Dietary Component and Composition of Algal Functional Food

- Pp. 270-286 (17)
Soraya Paz*, Carmen Rubio, Ángel J. Gutiérrez, Dailos González-Weller, Arturo Hardisson
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Metabolomics of Different Seaweeds in Functional Food Prospects

- Pp. 287-340 (54)
Ninian P.P. Pabbathi, Aditya Velidandi, Prashakha J. Shukla, Neelam M. Nathani*, Chandrashekar Mootapally*
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Probiotics and Algal Functional Food

- Pp. 341-361 (21)
Mona M. Ismail*
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Seaweeds Metabolites: Characterization and Applications as Phyco-Nutraceuticals

- Pp. 362-394 (33)
Surabhi Agrawal, Darshita K. Pandya, Shahrukh A. Siddiqui, Mangal S. Rathore*
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Role of Algal Metabolites and Pigments: Characterization and Application

- Pp. 395-405 (11)
G. Kavitha Aravind, D. Inbakandan*
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Seaweed in Food Industries: Raw Materials, Processing, Formulations, Packaging

- Pp. 406-428 (23)
Marlene A. Trindade, Cláudia Nunes, Manuel A. Coimbra, Fernando J.M. Gonçalves, João C. Marques, Ana M.M. Gonçalves*
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Edible Seaweed-Based Biodegradable Films and Coatings for Food and Nutraceutical Applications

- Pp. 429-446 (18)
M.M. Jayakody, K.G. Kaushani, M.P.G. Vanniarachchy*
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Current Applications of Seaweed-Based Polysaccharides in Edible Packaging

- Pp. 447-464 (18)
Sandunika Senarathna, Indira Wickramasinghe*, Seneviratne Navaratne
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Toxicity of Algal Foods With Respect to Human Health

- Pp. 465-485 (21)
Soraya Paz*, Carmen Rubio, Ángel J. Gutiérre, Dailos González-Weller, Arturo Hardisson
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Subject Index

- Pp. 486-504 (19)
Avinash Mishr
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