Editor: Dibya Prakash Rai

Advanced Materials and NanoSystems: Theory and Experiment-Part 1

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ISBN: 978-981-5050-75-2 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150507451220101


The discovery of new materials and the manipulation of their exotic properties for device fabrication is crucial for advancing technology. Nanoscience and the creation of nanomaterials have taken materials science and electronics to new heights for the benefit of mankind. Advanced Materials and Nanosystems: Theory and Experiment cover several topics of nanoscience research. The compiled chapters aim to update students, teachers, and scientists by highlighting modern developments in materials science theory and experiments. The significant role of new materials in future technology is also demonstrated. The book serves as a reference for curriculum development in technical institutions and research programs in the field of physics, chemistry, and applied areas of science like materials science, chemical engineering, and electronics.

This part covers 12 topics in these areas:

  • - Carbon and boron nitride nanostructures for hydrogen storage applications
  • - Nanomaterials for retinal implants
  • - Materials for rechargeable battery electrodes
  • - Cost-effective catalysts for ammonia production
  • - The role of nanocomposites in environmental remediation
  • - Optical analysis of organic and inorganic components
  • - Metal-oxide nanoparticles
  • - Mechanical analysis of orthopedic implants
  • - Advanced materials and nanosystems for catalysis, sensing, and wastewater treatment
  • - Topological Nanostructures
  • - Hollow nanostructures

Audience: Students, teachers, and scientists in the field of physics, chemistry, and materials science.


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