Editor: Ilesanmi Afolabi Daniyan

Advances in Manufacturing Technologies and Production Engineering

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ISBN: 978-981-5039-78-8 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150397711220101


This reference presents a collection of studies which highlight new developments in improving manufacturing processes and performance. The book includes 11 chapters which cover unique topics of interest to production engineers. These topics include the production of advanced composite materials and alloys to the use of sensors to evaluate production processes, product testing and evaluation (in production and storage environments), and the development and testing of an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Chapters have been contributed by several scholars, who give a unique perspective on specific aspects of manufacturing and industrial production. The book also covers recent technologies such as additive manufacturing. Each chapter presents the study in an experimental manner highlighting the theory, methods, and results, where applicable. References for further reading are also provided.

This book is intended to provide researchers and engineers with new data and cases for industrial manufacturing processes which may be applied in different industrial sectors.


This book titled “Advances in Manufacturing Technologies and Production Engineering” uncovers some cutting edge technologies for product development in response to the demands relating to customers’ satisfaction, product quality, productivity, and sustainability. This book offers significant contributions to some emerging manufacturing technologies, and production processes in line with the principles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The book covers both the theoretical and practical concepts of manufacturing technologies and production engineering. Interesting topics relating to materials development, composite development, additive manufacturing technology, Lean assessment tools, manufacturing productivity assessment, industrial performance analysis, predictive analysis, as well as assembly operations were covered in this book.

The book also contains notable research findings on innovative approaches for products development and manufacturing technologies. With the increasing need to ensure sustainability in manufacturing or industrial operations in terms of product development, effective material, cost, energy, and environmental sustainability, this book reports on notable findings that could offer a realistic possibility in this regard.

The book disseminates knowledge critical for products development and contributes technologically driven novel ideas for promoting efficiency and quality of manufacturing or production processes with regards to environmental and social impacts. 

Ilesanmi Afolabi Daniyan
Department of Industrial Engineering,
Tshwane University of Technology,
Pretoria, South Africa