Editor: M. Iqbal Choudhary

Frontiers in Cardiovascular Drug Discovery

Volume 6

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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150369091220601


Frontiers in Cardiovascular Drug Discovery is a book series devoted to publishing the latest advances in cardiovascular drug design and discovery. Each volume brings reviews on the biochemistry, in-silico drug design, combinatorial chemistry, high-throughput screening, drug targets, recent important patents, and structure-activity relationships of molecules used in cardiovascular therapy. The book series should prove to be of great interest to all medicinal chemists and pharmaceutical scientists involved in preclinical and clinical research in cardiology.

Volume 6 covers the following topics:

-Cardiovascular effects of ranolazine and the scope for translational research: a current review of literature

-Rho/Rho kinase signaling pathway and disease:

-Hibernation or transformation? Challenges in cardiovascular drug development

-New approaches in P2Y12 receptor blocker drugs use

-Pathophysiological links between diabetes and cardiovascular diseases: at the biochemical and molecular levels


Medicinal chemists and pharmaceutical scientists involved in preclinical and clinical research in cardiology; Clinicians associated with cardiovascular medicine.


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M. Iqbal Choudhary
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List of Contributors

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Cardiovascular Effects of Ranolazine and the Scope for Translational Research: A Current Review of Literature

- Pp. 1-53 (53)
Rebecca Pratiti*, Parul Sud, Mohammad Yousef, Ankush Moza
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Rho/Rho Kinase Signaling Pathway and Disease: from Bed to Bench

- Pp. 54-101 (48)
Yiming Wang, Yuqing Zhang, Dingguo Zhang*
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Hibernation or Transformation? Challenges in Cardiovascular Drug Development

- Pp. 102-140 (39)
G. Mercanoglu*, F. Mercanoglu
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New Approaches in P2Y12 Receptor Blocker Drugs Use

- Pp. 141-190 (50)
Dolunay Merve Fakioğlu, Sevgi Akaydin*
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Pathophysiological Links Between Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases: at the Biochemical and Molecular Levels

- Pp. 191-229 (39)
M.M. Towhidul Islam, Yearul Kabir*
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Subject Index

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M. Iqbal Choudhary
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