Editors: Swarnlata Saraf, Ram Kumar Sahu, Vivek Dave

Advanced Pharmaceutical and Herbal Nanoscience for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Part II

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ISBN: 978-981-5036-55-8 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150365411220101


This 2-part reference informs readers about the application of drug delivery technologies to herbal medicines. Chapters cover a broad range of major topics on the subject of targeted drug delivery systems. These topics include the application of drug delivery systems for herbal nanomedicines, drug development issues, emerging technologies, adaptations for clinical use, market prospects and challenges of industrial commercialization. Chapters have been contributed by several experts in pharmaceutical chemistry and blend theoretical knowledge with practical aspects of drug delivery.

Part II covers the following topics:

- Pharmaceutical nanosciences and their application in the delivery of various phytoconstituents

- Design of cosmeceutical drug delivery systems: the role of nanotechnology in cosmeceuticals

- Transfersomes: a novel vesicular transdermal delivery system

- Self-nano/micro emulsified drug delivery systems

- Phytosomes

- The role of nanomedicines in ocular drug delivery systems

- Colloidosomes as an efficient novel drug delivery system: an update

- Herbal nanoscience: challenges and regulatory perspectives

- Vitamins based nanomedicine approach

- Dendrimers: a versatile nanoplatform for advanced targeting and bioactive(s) delivery

- Targeted drug delivery systems for cells and cell organelles

- Liposomes for herbal drug delivery

- AI in pharmacy, herbal medicine and drug delivery: sci-fi or reality?

This reference is a valuable resource for scholars that creates awareness of novel drug delivery systems as well as their promising applications in drug targeting, and nanotherapeutics for specific diseases.


The objective of the book entitled "Advance Pharmaceutical Herbal Nanoscience: Targeted Drug Delivery System" is to offer an understanding of various herbal novel drug delivery systems, their preparations, characterization and exciting range of applications. Herbal nanoscience targeted drug delivery system demands a broad range of awareness in novel drug delivery systems. It is very important to have detailed knowledge and awareness of new technology or new process about the various herbal nanoscience products and their composition. The awareness of knowledge about the properties of various herbal constituents of a nanoformulation is also very important because it decides the determination of the formulation of the delivery systems and broadly ensures its properties. This book covers a broad spectrum of herbal nanoscience topics required to appropriately give formulation procedure, evaluation and applications of herbal drug delivery systems and correlate it with treating many diseases.

It expresses huge awareness and knowledge regarding advanced pharmaceutical, herbal nanoscience targeted drug delivery systems in the aspect of the application in drug delivery and herbal nanomedicine. In addition to this, the book covers all major topics like drug development issues, adaptation to clinical use, market prospects and industrial commercialization too, which come under advanced pharmaceutical nanoscience and nanotechnology application. Apart from the application section, it discusses in detail the safety, herbal nanotechnology, regulatory, targeting aspects and social scenario of pharmaceutical nanoscience. The book not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also considers practical aspects. The book is quite beneficial for students and researchers across the globe who are indulged in the reading and investigation of advanced pharmaceutical, herbal nanoscience and related nanotechnology, thereby spreading awareness all over the globe and promoting anticipated trends in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The major objective of this initiative is to bring all the fundamental concepts, target delivery, herbal bioactive, and nanomedicine, all in a common platform that will provide knowledge about all the possible advanced pharmaceutical, herbal nanoscience drug delivery systems. Some major chapters to be published in the book include nucleic acid-based therapeutic, electrosomes, aquasomes, phytosomes, guggulosome, niosomes, self nano/micro emulsified drug delivery system, the concept of targeted drug delivery system, application of herbal Bioactive and many more. This valuable resource will make the readers more aware of novel drug delivery systems as well as their promising applications in drug targeting and nanotheronostics, thereby improving the pharmaceutical world's situation.

The book's aim is to provide a single volume covering a detailed description of various herbal drug delivery systems, their principles and how these are put in use for the treatment of vivid diseases. The book has been divided into four sections. The first section deals with the fundamentals of advanced pharmaceutical nanoscience, whereas the second section deals with a detailed overview of the novel and efficient advanced pharmaceutical nanoscience delivery systems in the field of pharmaceutical science in which some major topics will be published in the book, which includes nucleic acid-based therapeutic, electrosomes, aquasomes, phytosomes, guggulosome, niosomes, self nano/micro emulsified drug, etc. This section is quite unique as it elaborately describes the major main beliefs and techniques of the preparations of the herbal drug delivery systems. This furnishes a quite unique and updated coverage of the essential areas that guide the underlying science behind these therapeutic delivery systems. The distinguished authors have emphasized on providing a complete insight into the advanced pharmaceutical nanoscience drug delivery systems with their convenient applications in the field of herbal nanoscience technology. The third section mainly involves diseases specific to advanced pharmaceutical nanoscience targeted drug delivery systems like cancer, infectious diseases, brain diseases, etc. Finally, the fourth and the last section of the book provides the application of herbal bioactive in pharmaceutical, herbal nanoscience targeted drug delivery systems.

This advanced book has been designed keeping in mind the young and new researchers and scientists who are working dedicatedly in the field of health/medicine and the pharmaceutical sector. This book promises a detailed, informative description of advanced herbal and absolutely modern pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery systems. The information furnished in the book is sure to serve society.

Dr. Swarnlata Saraf
Professor & Director University Institute of Pharmacy,
Pt Ravishankar Shukla University,

Dr. Ram Kumar Sahu
Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Science,
Sushruta School of Medical and Paramedical Sciences,
Assam University (A Central University),

Dr. Vivek Dave
Associate Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacy,
School of Health Science Central University of South Bihar,
Bihar -824236