Editors: Bharathi Gourkanti, Irwin Gratz, Grace Dippo, Nathalie Peiris, Dinesh K. Choudhry

Pediatric Anesthesia: A Guide for the Non-Pediatric Anesthesia Provider Part II

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ISBN: 978-981-5036-22-0 (Print)
ISBN: 978-981-5036-21-3 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150362131220101


Pediatric Anesthesia: A Guide for the Non-Pediatric Anesthesia is a comprehensive, contemporary reference that addresses all aspects of pediatric anesthesia. Both students and medical practitioners – novice and experienced - will find invaluable educational and practical information in this book. The book covers the subject in two parts.

Part I covers basic information about pediatric and neonatal anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, emergency room and operating room procedures and surgery. Chapters on general anesthetic procedures in emergency rooms, operational theatres and common surgeries.

Part II covers advanced topics for practicing healthcare professionals which include anesthesia for patients with a range of common and uncommon comorbidities, considerations for critically-ill patients, genetic disorders, pain management, COVID-19 guidelines for anesthesia, patient safety and research.

Key features:

- Basic and advanced information about pediatric and neonatal anesthesia covered in 25 chapters over two parts

- Simple and organized presentation for learners

- Contributions by expert clinicians and researchers

- Special topics included such as considerations for patients with comorbidities and genetic disorders

- References for further reading

- Detailed illustrations and tables

The text is an essential reference for scholars and professionals affiliated with general anesthesiology and surgery specialties at all levels who want to understand anesthesia for pediatric patients.


Our second volume was added to focus on specific topics that reflect current issues in anesthesia practice. This volume was constructed to complement the first volume but can also stand alone. As always, our goal was to be a comprehensive and readily available resource that the busy practitioner can easily utilize. Many of the same authors contributed to this volume.

As the content of the text has grown, we made a concerted effort to ensure a coordinated approach and stay focused on topics relevant to the current practice of anesthesiology. Chapters have been added that focus on the ongoing changes that affect the current practice of pediatric anesthesia. The problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic are discussed in a chapter. We also included some specialized chapters, such as Research in Pediatric Anesthesia and Quality Assurance and Patient Safety in Pediatric Anesthesia, in hopes of inspiring others to further improve the practice and advance the science.


Contributions to this book are made by different anesthesia providers from qualified pediatric anesthesiologists, researchers, general anesthesiologists who do occasional pediatric anesthesia, including anesthesia residents, pediatric anesthesia fellows, and certified registered nurse anesthetists. This book could serve as an invaluable source of knowledge for all who provide pediatric anesthesia because of the wide range of contributors and their diverse perspectives in the medical care of children.


As in the first volume, I am extremely grateful to all the contributors who generously gave their time to bring their knowledge, points of view, and unique expertise to this book in order to provide this rich resource of information.

I thank my co-editors, Drs. Irwin Gratz, Grace Dippo, Nathalie Peiris, and Dinesh K. Choudhry for their knowledge, experience, patience, and scrupulous attention to detail to make this manuscript more meaningful.


In summary, we designed this book for all practitioners who routinely or occasionally provide pediatric anesthetic care with a readily available source of reference. We sincerely hope this book will be of help to you in providing safe practice of pediatric anesthesia.

Bharathi Gourkanti
Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology,
Department of Anesthesiology,
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University,
Camden, NJ,