Editors: Rijwan Khan, Pawan Kumar Sharma, Sugam Sharma, Santosh Kumar

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Algorithms

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ISBN: 978-981-5036-10-7 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150360911220101


This book informs the reader about applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and nature-inspired algorithms in different situations. Each chapter in this book is written by topic experts on AI, nature-inspired algorithms and data science.

The basic concepts relevant to these topics are explained, including evolutionary computing (EC), artificial neural networks (ANN), swarm intelligence (SI), and fuzzy systems (FS). Additionally, the book also covers optimization algorithms for data analysis.

The contents include algorithms that can be used in systems designed for plant science research, load balancing, environmental analysis and healthcare.

The goal of the book is to equip the reader – students and data analysts – with the information needed to apply basic AI algorithms to resolve actual problems encountered in a professional environment.


- Pp. i
Rijwan Khan
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List of Contributors

- Pp. ii-iv (3)

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Data Computation: Awareness, Architecture and Applications

- Pp. 1-23 (23)
Vani Kansal*, Sunil K. Singh
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Different Techniques of Data Fusion in Internet of Things (IoT)

- Pp. 24-44 (21)
Harsh Pratap Singh*, Bhaskar Singh, Rashmi Singh, Vaseem Naiyer
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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Health Care

- Pp. 45-63 (19)
Upasana Pandey*, Arvinda Kushwaha
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Threat Detection and Reporting System

- Pp. 64-75 (12)
Devika Bihani*, Saransh Sharma, Harshit Jain
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Offbeat Load Balancing Machine Learning based Algorithm for Job Scheduling

- Pp. 76-93 (18)
Anand Singh Rajawat*, Kanishk Barhanpurkar, Romil Rawat
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A Pattern Optimization for Novel Class in Multi Class Miner for Stream Data Classification

- Pp. 94-103 (10)
Harsh Pratap Singh*, Vinay Singh, Divakar Singh, Rashmi Singh
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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: on the Verge of Major Shift with Opportunities and Challenges

- Pp. 104-117 (14)
Nahid Sami*, Asfia Aziz
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A Review on Automatic Plant Species Recognition System by Leaf Image Using Machine Learning in Indian Ecological System

- Pp. 118-141 (24)
Sugandha Chakraverti, Ashish Kumar Chakraverti*, Jyoti Kumar, Piyush Bhushan Singh, Rakesh Ranjan
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Recognizing Rice Leaves Disorders by Applying Deep Learning

- Pp. 142-152 (11)
Taranjeet Singh*, Krishna Kumar, S. S. Bedi, Harshit Bhadwaj
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Shallow Cloud Classification using Deep Learning and Image Segmentation

- Pp. 153-174 (22)
Amreen Ahmad*, Chanchal Kumar, Ajay Kumar Yadav, Agnik Guha
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Artificial Intelligence Based Lung Disease Classification By Using Evolutionary Deep Learning Paradigm

- Pp. 175-183 (9)
Archana P. Kale*, Ankita R. Angre, Dhanashree V. Paranjape
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Hybrid Deep Learning Model for Sleep Disorders Detection

- Pp. 184-199 (16)
Anand Singh Rajawat*, Kanishk Barhanpurkar, Romil Rawat
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Identification of Covid-19 Positive Cases Using Deep Learning Model and CT Scan Images

- Pp. 200-212 (13)
I. Kumar*, S.P Singh, Shivam, N. Mohd, J. Rawat
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Application of Nature Inspired Algorithms to Test Data Generation/Selection/Minimization using Mutation Testing

- Pp. 213-249 (37)
Nishtha Jatana*, Bharti Suri
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Multimodal Genetic Optimized Feature Selection for Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine

- Pp. 250-260 (11)
Archana P. Kale*, Shefali P. Sonavane, Shashwati P. Kale, Aditi R. Wade
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A New Non-Stigmergic-Ant Algorithm to Make Load Balancing Resilient in Big Data Processing for Enterprises

- Pp. 261-296 (36)
Samia Chehbi Gamoura*
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Computational Algorithms and Study of Elastic Artery and their Applications

- Pp. 297-319 (23)
Anil Kumar*
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Performance Analysis of CCS on Inclined Plane using Fuzzy-PID Controller

- Pp. 320-350 (31)
Saty Prakash Yadav*, Amit Kumar Singh
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Subject Index

- Pp. 351-364 (14)
Rijwan Khan, Pawan Kumar Sharma, Sugam Sharma, Santosh Kumar
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