Chapter 9

Internet Privacy Concerns and Social Awareness

S. Hasnain Pasha*, Deepti Mehrotra, Abhishek Srivastava and Chetna Choudhary


Internet Privacy is a matter of grave concern as there is an exponential growth in our digital footprints. Most internet users are not aware of what internet privacy is, and some are not concerned at all. With the growth of cybercrime, internet users must know what internet privacy is and why they should be aware of it. Genuine information or credentials shared online between an internet user and an internet-based service might be intercepted by hackers maliciously or even government bodies legally, can be used for any malicious intent. Some of the recent cases of data breaches support this, making it one of the most critical reasons for internet users hesitant in trusting any internet-based service. The paper gives an idea that the more an internet user is aware of what internet privacy is, chances are the more he/she will be able to trust any internet-based service since the internet is the new platform for social as well as professional trading.

Total Pages: 106-113 (8)

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