Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2021
DOI: 10.2174/97898114914121200101


This volume brings current knowledge of proteomics technologies and related developments with special reference to diseases caused by microbes. The editor has compiled chapters written by expert academicians which distill the information about useful methods in microbial proteomics for the benefit of readers. Chapters cover several methods used to investigate the microbial proteome and special topics such as antimicrobial drug resistance mechanisms, biomarker developments, post translational modifications.

Key Features:

-overview of several biochemical methods in proteomics

-full-color, high quality images of the most frequent technologies and applications

-concise, well organized, and didactic format

-updates in basic applied information

-bibliographic references

-information on proteomics for tuberculosis treatment

This reference work is intended for researchers seeking information on laboratory techniques applied in proteomics research and microbiology.


- Pp. i
Sanjeeva Srivastava
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- Pp. ii
Divakar Sharma
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About the Editor

- Pp. iii
Divakar Sharma
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- Pp. iv
Divakar Sharma
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List of Contributors

- Pp. v-vi (2)
Divakar Sharma
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Microbial Biofilm and Drug Resistance: A Proteomic Approach

- Pp. 1-17 (17)
Sarika Sharma, Sandeep Sharma
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Past, Present, and Future of Gel-Based Microbial Proteomics

- Pp. 18-35 (18)
Munna Lal Yadav, Arvind K. Verma, Preeti Rawat, Abhishek Parashar, Divakar Sharma, Sudarshan Kumar, Ashok K. Mohanty
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Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LCMS): An Advanced Tool for the Microbial Proteomics Analysis

- Pp. 36-60 (25)
Pranav Kumar Prabhakar
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Functional Annotation and Enrichment of Microbial Proteins Using Systems Biology: Tools and Applications

- Pp. 61-75 (15)
Aditya Arya, Vivek Dhar Dwivedi
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Emerging Paradigm of Post-translational Modifications in Microbes: An Undefeatable Weapon

- Pp. 76-121 (46)
Arpana Sharma, Chandrajeet Singh, Gopika Raval, Kruti Dave, Ankita Mathur, Juhi Sharma, Divakar Sharma
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Pupylation: A Novel Proteolysis Pathway in Prokaryotes Functionally Reminiscent to Eukaryotic Ubiquitination

- Pp. 122-137 (16)
Yogesh K. Dhuriya, Divakar Sharma
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Overview and Challenges in Proteins Sample Preparation for 2-DGE in Bacterial Proteomics

- Pp. 138-146 (9)
Divakar Sharma, Juhi Sharma, Nirmala Deo, Deepa Bisht
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Proteomics Based Biomarker Development Against Infections: An Overview

- Pp. 147-166 (20)
M. Madhan Kumar, Vivek Kumar Gupta, Divakar Sharma
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Microbial Metalloproteome: Approaches and Biomedical Application in Microbial Antibiotics Resistance

- Pp. 167-178 (12)
Saroj Sharma, Monalisa Tiwari, Vishvanath Tiwari
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Proteomics of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis: An Overview

- Pp. 179-203 (25)
Anil Kumar Gupta, Divakar Sharma, Amit Singh
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Proteome Based Insights in Drug-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis

- Pp. 204-217 (14)
Apoorva Narain, Surya Kant, Rikesh Kumar Dubey, Kanchan Srivastava, Anand Kumar Maurya
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Subject Index

- Pp. 218-219 (2)
Divakar Sharma
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