Chapter 2

The Role of Garlic and Rosemary Herbs in Poultry Nutrition

Hamada A. M. Elwan, Shaaban S. Elnesr, Mayada R. Farag, Rana M. Bilal, Mohamed E. Abd El-Hack and Mahmoud Alagawany


The use of herbal plants as natural remedies is gaining immense global popularity in feeding systems of humans and animals including avian species due to their promising health benefits. Among the livestock sector, poultry production and regulations are in a continuous development, particularly in the field of nutrition, genetic, refinement, management and disease prevention, which could be probably achieved through regulation of the nutritional needs and the poultry production prerequisites. Therefore, this section is directed toward the use of herbs as a therapeutic and sustainable production tool, because of their health and economic benefits. This chapter will discuss and highlight the valuable impacts and the latest features of supplementing the livestock rations with garlic and rosemary herbs, including their promising natural growth promoting activities and useful applications in improving, performance, feed efficiency and nutrient digestibility in addition to enhancing antioxidant capacity and immunological responses and this would be helpful for veterinarians, scientists, pharmacists, physiologists, pharmaceutical industries, nutritionists and poultry breeders.

Total Pages: 34-55 (22)

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