Chapter 3

Thermally Enhanced Non-Conventional Machining Process- A Review

Janender Kumar, Suneev Anil Bansal and Munish Mehta


The present work puts light on the non-conventional machining process in which heat energy is utilized to remove the material from the workpiece. Laser beam machining is a process in which a high-intensity beam falls on the work surface to raise the temperature so that the vaporization of material could take place. Laser beam machining process can be utilized to machine hard and brittle materials. The laser types used and laser drilling processes are reviewed. The complex profiles cutting and microdrilling can be achieved which is not possible by other conventional and nonconventional machining processes. Many researchers have studied that a hybrid process can improve the process parameters of laser beam machining. This paper reviews its need, hybrid process and latest developments in the field of machining of different materials like ceramics, composites, etc. The last section of the paper discusses the area of future research in this field.

Total Pages: 42-57 (16)

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