Chapter 8

Corrosion of Nuclear Waste Systems

K. Ramakrishna Reddy, N. Suresh Kumar*, K. Chandra Babu Naidu, Venkata Shiva Reddy and T. Anil Babu


In this chapter, the corrosion problems of nuclear waste systems in view of the disposal are discussed. The main form of waste of packages is discussed, ascertaining high-level waste, and the cemented intervening level radioactive waste forms, vitrifying nuclear waste, canister waste forms and nuclear waste glasses. The discussion between the rate of corrosion of all the nuclear waste packages with the nuclear waste disposal concept and the safety measures of the landfill sites is featured. Furthermore, the corrosion of the various kinds of nuclear waste packages and the metallic container for the high-level waste packages are reviewed. In view of the deterioration or dissipation processes, the experimental in-situ approaches, and the exemplary corrosion of nuclear waste and lifetime forecasting are discussed. The major challenge in global research is acquiring data and authentic forecasting for the function over long term periods, as landfill of these kinds of nuclear waste packages must abide safe for very long periods of years.

Total Pages: 109-120 (12)

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