Editor: Mohamed Eddouks

Phytotherapy in the Management of Diabetes and Hypertension

Volume 4

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Year of Publication: 2020
DOI: 10.2174/97898114805151200401


Medicinal plants are a source of potential therapeutic compounds. Phytotherapy can give patients long term benefits with less or no side effects. Phytotherapy in the Management of Diabetes and Hypertension is a book series which emphasizes the biochemistry behind diabetes mellitus and hypertension, along with the control or remediation of these conditions through cost effective, safe and easily-adaptable methods validated by scientific research. This is the fourth volume of the series which features reviews on selected natural products used to treat diabetes and hypertension. This volume brings 6 chapters contributed by 14 researchers that cover general updates on diabetic phytotherapy, circumin, and the medicinal use of olive leaves, passion fruit and spiral gingers in the treatment of diabetes and hypertension.

Each review covers different plant species or medicinal agents where applicable, providing readers essential information about their role in the treatment of diabetes and hypertension.

Both academic and professional pharmacologists as well as clinicians will find comprehensive information on a variety of therapeutic agents in this volume.


In order to provide an up-to-date overview of the phytotherapy of diabetes and hypertension, this fourth volume has been prepared as part of the ebook series “Phytotherapy in the Management of Diabetes and Hypertension”. The present volume includes different aspects of the pathophysiology of diabetes and hypertension. This book adds important information related to the evaluation of the efficacy and safety of medicinal plants and their derivatives on diabetes and hypertension. The present volume includes 6 complementary chapters presenting an update on clinical study reports of phytotherapy in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus, diabetes mellitus and therapeutic approaches of medicinal plants: present status and future prospects, anti-diabetic and anti-hypertensive potentials of essential oil bearing medicinal plants, management of diabetes mellitus by natural products: glucagon-like peptide 1 perspective, terpenes and terpenoids in management of diabetes & cardiovascular diseases, antidiabetic and antihypertensive medicinal plants of Asia: active ingredients, safety, pharmacology and traditional uses and a monograph on Chrysophyllum cainito. This volume will be useful to the students, teachers, researchers, scientists, clinicians and even other masses .


The Editor would like to express his thanks to all the contributors and Miss Salma Sarfraz for her special effort during the preparation of this book. This work was supported by the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and the Scientific Research (Morocco) and the National Center for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST) (Morocco) under grant N° PPR/2015/35.

Mohamed Eddouks
Faculty of Sciences and Techniques Errachidia
University of Meknes


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