Editors: G. Baskar, K. Sathish Kumar, K. Tamilarasan

Series Title: Frontiers in Enzyme Inhibition

Enzyme Inhibition - Environmental and Biomedical Applications

Volume 1

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ISBN: 978-981-14-6080-7 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2020
DOI: 10.2174/97898114608211200101


Enzyme inhibitors play a pivotal role in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. The primary understanding of the action of inhibitors helps pharmacologists during the design process for developing new therapeutic drugs. Most drugs treat various chronic and life threatening diseases owing to their specificity and the potency of enzymes which they can inhibit. Enzyme inhibitors are used to screen various levels of diseases which propel the growth of inhibitors. The potential for enzyme inhibitors in the therapeutics market is very high as the biochemical properties and classes of enzyme inhibiting products are readily available.

The other broad aspect of enzyme inhibition is their application in analytical sensors. These sensors assist in monitoring various environmental factors. Understanding the mechanism of inhibition and regeneration of enzymes is a general problem of great importance for many biochemists and biotechnologists especially when using immobilized enzymes.

This reference compiles applied information about enzyme inhibitors used in medicine and environmental monitoring applications. Chapters presented in this volume cover special topics including biosensors, crop improvements in agriculture, biofuel production, pesticide and heavy metal detection, and drug therapy for human diseases such as breast cancer, neurological diseases and viral infections.

The collection of topics in this volume makes it an informative resource for readers at all academic levels on the applications of enzyme inhibitors in medicine and environmental sciences.


- Pp. i-iii (3)
G. Baskar, K. Sathish Kumar, K. Tamilarasan
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iv-vi (3)
G. Baskar, K. Sathish Kumar, K. Tamilarasan
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Introduction to Enzyme Inhibition – Environmental and Biomedical Applications

- Pp. 1-4 (4)
G. Baskar, R. Aiswarya, K. Sathish Kumar, K. Tamilarasan
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Enzyme Inhibition in Therapeutic Applications

- Pp. 5-16 (12)
A. Saravanan, R. Jayasree, T.R. Sundaraman, R.V. Hemavathy, S. Jeevanantham, P. Senthil Kumar, P. R. Yaashikaa
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Analytical Aspects of Biosensor Based on Enzyme Inhibition

- Pp. 17-35 (19)
A. Saravanan, S. Jeevanantham, P. Senthil Kumar, P. R. Yaashikaa
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RNA Silencing in Enzyme Inhibition and its Role in Crop Improvement

- Pp. 36-58 (23)
S. Justin Packia Jacob
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Enzyme Biosensors Based on Enzyme Inhibition for Pesticide and Heavy Metal Detection

- Pp. 59-72 (14)
Elsa Cherian, G Baskar
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Recent Insights of Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors in Therapeutic Applications

- Pp. 73-96 (24)
Ravichandran Rathna, Bethu Madhumitha, Ravichandran Viveka, Ekambaram Nakkeeran
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Current Potentialities and Perspectives of Enzyme Inhibition Based Biosensor

- Pp. 97-121 (25)
Senthil Nagappan, Rajvikram Madurai Elavarasan, Nilavunesan Dhandapani, Ekambaram Nakkeeran
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Product Inhibition in Bioethanol Fermentation: An Overview

- Pp. 122-147 (26)
E. Raja Sathendra, G. Baskar, R. Praveen Kumar
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Fermentation Strategies to Minimize Product Inhibition in Bioethanol Production

- Pp. 148-173 (26)
Luciana Porto de Souza Vandenberghe, Nelson Libardi Junior, Cristine Rodrigues, Joyce Gueiros Wanderley Siqueira, Carlos Ricardo Soccol
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Toxicity and Structural Activity Relationship of Persistent Organic Pollutants

- Pp. 174-203 (30)
Ankur Khare, Pradip Jadhao, Sonam Paliya, Kanchan Kumari
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Enzyme Inhibitors for Breast Cancer Therapy

- Pp. 204-227 (24)
Hariharan Jayaraman, Praveen Kumar Posa Krishnamoorthy, Lakshmi Suresh, Mahalakshmi Varadan, Aparna Madan, Balu Ranganathan
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Enzyme Inhibition Applications in Treatment of Human Viral Diseases

- Pp. 228-262 (35)
Subasree Sekar, P.K. Praveen Kumar, Arthi Udhayachandran
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Enzyme Inhibition Applications in Treatment of Neurological Disorders

- Pp. 263-287 (25)
D. Lokapriya, P.K. Praveen Kumar
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Subject Index

- Pp. 288-301 (14)
G. Baskar, K. Sathish Kumar, K. Tamilarasan
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.Oxygen: High Enzymatic Reactivity of Reactive Oxygen Species.
.Enzymes Involved in Glycolysis, Fatty Acid and Amino Acid Biosynthesis: Active Site Mechanism and Inhibition.
.Methods to Determine Enzymatic Activity.
.Rab GTPases and Membrane Trafficking.