Editors: Rosário Monteiro, Maria João Martins

Series Title: Recent Advances in Obesity Research

Understanding Obesity: From its Causes to Impact on Life

Volume 1

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ISBN: 978-981-14-4261-2 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2020
DOI: 10.2174/97898114426361200101


Understanding Obesity informs readers about contributing factors to obesity: from social and behavioral determinants throughout the life course, influences from before we are born to what we eat (nutrients and food contaminants which impact body weight), gut bacteria, and the way accumulated energy from nutrition is spent. Chapters will also inform readers about adipose tissue (the dynamic role of the adipose tissue during obesity development, the pressure put on to its remodeling and differences in obesity phenotypes regarding association with pathological outcomes as well as the latest advances in finding biological markers of adipose tissue dysfunction) and the latest treatment options for obesity. Special topics, such as the bidirectional relationship of stress with obesity and the influence of aging on the onset of metabolic disorders that lead to obesity are also discussed.

Understanding Obesity is a valuable reference for health researchers, practitioners (endocrinologists, family physicians, nurses), as well as decision-makers in healthcare and other professional settings who are seeking a holistic understanding about the causes of obesity and ways to address it.

Key Features:

- 17 chapters cover obesity from a diverse range of perspectives

- medical information is presented (adipose physiology and different disease conditions relevant to obesity)

- educational, social and psychological issues as central when caring for obesity patients are emphasized

- the latest information on obesity treatment options (including medical, pharmaceutical and surgical options) is included

- bibliographic references have been provided for further reading


- Pp. i-ii (2)
Gerhard P. Püschel
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- Pp. iii
Rosário Monteiro, Maria João Martins
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List of Contributors

- Pp. v-ix (5)
Rosário Monteiro, Maria João Martins
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A Life Course Approach to Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

- Pp. 1-26 (26)
Joana Araújo, Elisabete Ramos
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Social and Health Behavior Determinants of Obesity

- Pp. 27-54 (28)
Andreia Oliveira, Catarina Durão, Carla Lopes
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Obesity and Adipose Tissue Remodeling

- Pp. 55-80 (26)
Adriana R. Rodrigues, Maria J. Salazar, Alexandra M. Gouveia
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Adipokines as Emerging Biomarkers of Adipocyte Dysfunction

- Pp. 81-99 (19)
Marco Assunção, João T. Guimarães, Margarida Faria, Rosário Monteiro
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Metabolic Inflammation at the Crossroads of Obesity Phenotypes

- Pp. 100-123 (24)
Inês Brandão, Célia Candeias, Rosário Monteiro
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Environmental Chemical Obesogens

- Pp. 124-157 (34)
Diana Teixeira, Diogo Pestana
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Medical Management of the Obese Patient

- Pp. 158-191 (34)
Paula Freitas, Vanessa Guerreiro, Davide Carvalho
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Current Pharmacological Approaches in Obesity Treatment

- Pp. 192-210 (19)
Nuno Borges, Alejandro Santos
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Managing Obesity with Bariatric Surgery

- Pp. 211-235 (25)
Gil Faria
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The Role of Macronutrients in Diets for Weight Control

- Pp. 236-270 (35)
Cátia Braga-Pontes, Vânia S. Ribeiro, Cidália D. Pereira
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The Relevance of Polyphenols in Obesity Therapy

- Pp. 271-307 (37)
Ana Faria, Cristina Pereira-Wilson, Rita Negrão
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Maternal Nutrition and Developmental Programming of Obesity

- Pp. 308-323 (16)
Fátima Martel, Elisa Keating
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Targeting Gut Microbiota in Obesity Control

- Pp. 324-342 (19)
Cláudia Marques, Conceição Calhau
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Modulatory Impact of Physical Exercise on the Morphological and Metabolic Features of White Adipose Tissue

- Pp. 343-373 (31)
Sílvia Rocha-Rodrigues, Jorge Beleza, António Ascensão, José Magalhães
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Stress and Obesity

- Pp. 374-399 (26)
Isabel Azevedo
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Breaking the Borders Between Obesity and Cancer

- Pp. 400-424 (25)
Pedro Coelho, Raquel Costa, Susana G. Guerreiro, Raquel Soares, Sara Andrade
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Obesity: A Bad Partner for the Elderly

- Pp. 425-464 (40)
Henrique Almeida, Delminda Neves
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Subject Index

- Pp. 465-477 (13)
Rosário Monteiro, Maria João Martins
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.Diabesity: A Multidisciplinary Approach.
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