Editors: Sandeep Singh, Dhiraj Kumar

Protocols used in Molecular Biology

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ISBN: 978-981-14-3929-2 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2020
DOI: 10.2174/97898114393151200101
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Protocols used in Molecular Biology is a compilation of several examples of molecular biology protocols. Each example is presented with a concise introduction, materials and chemicals required, a step-by-step procedure and troubleshooting tips. Information about the application of the protocol is also provided. The techniques included in this book are essential to research in the fields of proteomics, genomics, cell culture, epigenetic modification and structural biology. The protocols can also be used by clinical researchers (neuroscientists and oncologists, for example) for medical applications (diagnostics, therapeutics and multidisciplinary projects).


Rajesh Navodayan knapur – March 25, 2021

This book is really very useful for research scholars and science esteems students graduates and postgraduates..... God bless you Dr. Sandeep and all team members.

Dr. Anil Kumar Singh – March 05, 2020

A good book on the molecular biology

Ghanshyam gupta – February 27, 2020

Excellent book about molecular biology..... Really a significant effort in this feild.....

Anuj Singh Mathur – February 27, 2020

Excellent book for all research scholar for those in the field of moleculer biology

Dr. Rahul tripathi – February 27, 2020

This book has contained a very usefull materials for medical research purposes. Highly recommended....

Dr Umesh – February 27, 2020

Very useful for research students, everything explained in systematically way.... Highly recommended..

Pankaj Kumar Tripathi – February 27, 2020

Very informative and helpful information

Amit Verma – February 14, 2020

Good compilation of Molecular Biology protocols with explanation. Each example is presented with a concise introduction, materials and chemicals required, a step-by-step procedure and troubleshooting tips.

S.kant – February 14, 2020

Excellent book with point wise description of methods used. I would recommend this for library

UPENDRA SINGH – February 11, 2020

Excellent book contains valuable contents of molecular biology..

Dr. Rajendra singh – February 10, 2020

This is an excellent book of molecular profiling , methods and protocols . This book can be use as a practical guide at laboratory bench . Methods in this book are well written and clearly throughout for undergraduate & postgraduate researchers.

Dr.Ashish Maurya – February 09, 2020

Thanks Dr.Sandeep and Dhiraj for writing such a wonderful book. It’s a short and precise book for students as well as researchers.

Anurag Katiyar – February 09, 2020

Nice book with compilation of various protocols and handy information related to molecular biology techniques...

Saurabh Bhatti – February 09, 2020

Excellent book for graduate students and research scholars

Dr. Dinesh Kumar – February 09, 2020

Congratulations.. For your efforts made to compile the protocols routinely used in molecular biology and putting them at one place. The book will definitely serve as a nice informative tool for researchers working in the area of biomedical and allied sciences.

Nidhi – February 08, 2020

Excellent book for Molecular Biology protocols. Procedures are explained step by step with explanations. Highly recommended for all who are seeking simple useful book for protocols with reasonable explanation.

Satyam Trivedi – February 08, 2020

This is a complete solution for molecular biology. Scientifically explained.

Vinita pandey – February 08, 2020

Very well written book for lab protocols

Dr kaushalendra Kumar maurya – February 08, 2020

Excellent book for research purposes... everything is described in details and in very easy way ..

Dr. Bhanu Pandey – February 08, 2020

Really good compilation of Molecular biology protocols. This book will be very useful for researchers.

Nagarjuna Reddy P – February 04, 2020

excellent book for Molecular biologists

Tina Acharya – February 02, 2020

Seems an interesting compilation and will be quite useful for research scholars.

Amit Kushwaha – February 02, 2020

Nice Content. Recommended to every one doing PhD. or other research work.

Shailendra K. Mishra – January 31, 2020

"Protocol used in molecular biology" have a very useful contents for researchers. Enlisted protocols are comprehensively explained with good research methodology. Highly recommended.

Prof. D P Singh – January 31, 2020

Excellent book with ABCD of practical molecular biology

Gerald Veurink – January 30, 2020

"Protocols in Molecular Biology" should be on the shelf of every Research Scientist. I wish I had these protocols whilst doing my pHD. The protocols are the latest and very detailed so there is no need to try other methods. Kind Regards. Dr. Gerald Veurink.

Dr Alok Tripathi – January 30, 2020

Good compilation of Molecular Biology protocols with nice explanation

Ritu Singh – January 30, 2020

Highly recommended .Nice content

RAJEEV VERMA – January 30, 2020

The book is excellent for undergraduate, postgraduate and research purposes

Gk saini – January 29, 2020

Very well explained

Suraj Singh – January 29, 2020

Having nice content..


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