Editor: Afroz Alam

Series Title: Recent Advances in Botanical Science

Contemporary Research on Bryophytes

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2019
DOI: 10.2174/97898114337881200101


This reference provides information about recent trends in bryology in parts of India, tropical rainforests and arctic regions. Bryophytes are the earliest land plants and quite fascinating in their overall diversity. All through its history, bryological study has contributed considerably to the field of plant sciences, for instance, the discovery of sex chromosomes in plants. The study of bryophytes is fundamental to our understanding of land plant evolution, and the latest progress in molecular phylogenetics and genomics have given researchers a clear depiction of land colonization of plants and subsequent terrestrial progression. Ecologically, the importance of bryophytes for the participation in biogeochemical cycles, in particular carbon cycle is now appreciated. Further, there has been an escalating interest in the conservation biology of bryophytes.

The contributors have put forward holistic information regarding current research scenario of bryology in a range of environments to readers learning about research in applied bryology. The compilation of reviews presents reported findings related to various aspects of the subject, such as, conservation, diversity, tissue culture, bio-monitoring, computational bryology, molecular bryology, and species.

Botanists and bryologists will receive updated information that will be valuable for their research work. The reader-friendly text is also suitable for beginners in applied plant science.


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S C Srivastava
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Afroz Alam
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List of Contributors

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Afroz Alam
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In vitro Growth Pattern of Moss Drummondia stricta (Mitt.) Müll. Hal. (Orthotrichaceae) in Different Hormonal Concentrations

- Pp. 1-7 (7)
Vishwa J. Singh, Dayanidhi Gupta, Vinay Sahu, Ashish K. Asthana
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Bryophytes and their Associates in South Shetland Islands -Antarctica

- Pp. 8-19 (12)
Jair Putzke
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Computational Resources for Bryology

- Pp. 20-37 (18)
Sonu Kumar, Asheesh Shanker
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The Utility of Molecular Sequence Data in Phylogenetic Analysis of Bryoflora

- Pp. 38-51 (14)
Saumya Pandey, Afroz Alam
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An Overview of the Family Calymperaceae (Bryophyta) in Western Ghats with Special Reference to Kerala and Its Status in India

- Pp. 52-80 (29)
Manju C. Nair, V. K. Chandini, K. P. Rajesh
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Bryodiversity of Wilson Hill and Surrounding Area of Valsad, Gujarat

- Pp. 81-86 (6)
Rakesh V. Gujar, Dharmendra G. Shah
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Analysis of Microsatellites in Mitochondrial Genome of Aneura pinguis (L.) Dumort

- Pp. 87-94 (8)
Sonu Kumar, Asheesh Shanker
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Bryophytes as Indicators of Human Disturbances in Tropical Rain Forests

- Pp. 95-102 (8)
A.E. Dulip Daniels
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An Account of Genus Porella (Dill.) L. (Porellaceae, Marchantiophyta) in Nilgiri Hills, Western Ghats

- Pp. 103-122 (20)
Praveen Kumar Verma
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Habitat Range of Bryophytes: A Pictorial Representation

- Pp. 123-133 (11)
Shiv Charan Sharma, Abhishek Tripathi, Krishna Kumar Rawat, Sonu Yadav, Afroz Alam
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Bryodiversity, Threats and Conservation of Liverworts and Hornworts of Kolhapur District (Maharashtra), India

- Pp. 134-158 (25)
Rajendra Ananda Lavate
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Fissidentaceae: A Tiny Fern Moss Family

- Pp. 159-173 (15)
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Subject Index

- Pp. 174-185 (12)
Afroz Alam
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