Chapter 2

Occupational Aspects of Hypertension

Umesh Jayarajah and Suranjith L. Seneviratne


Occupational stress resulting from a combination of high work demands and low job decision latitude is linked with causation of hypertension in the modern society. Psychological and social factors related to occupation are known to interact with physical and genetic factors in disease pathogenesis and its manifestations. In this chapter, the possible association between job strain and blood pressure levels in various types of occupation and its importance in clinical practice have been critically analyzed. Several authors have attempted to arrive at some consensus on the relationship between occupational stress and hypertension and thus formulate potential therapeutic and preventive measures. Furthermore, this chapter summarises the current evidence-based knowledge on occupational aspects of hypertension according to different occupations. The psychosocial effects on hypertension and measures to reduce occupational stress have also been outlined.

Total Pages: 57-114 (58)

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