Chapter 7

Plant Based Bioactive Compounds as an Alternative for Cancer Therapy

Nikita Sharma, R. Mankamna Kumari, Nidhi Gupta and Surendra Nimesh


Medicinal Plants have been known to be one of the oldest and most consistent sources for the production of novel drugs. Utilization of plant extracts as drugs can be attributed to their chemical and structural diversity along with their ability to interact with different biological targets in the cell. Moreover, they act as huge reservoirs for the phytochemicals which provide defense against a number of diseases. Cost effectiveness along with lesser adverse effects, allowed natural plants to be used as an alternative to conventional strategies for cancer treatment. Extracts from different natural plants have also been explored in the treatment of infectious diseases. The present chapter emphasizes on the use of plant extracts and their purified compound as cancer therapeutics. Cancer is one of the major causes of mortality worldwide. Owing to several limitations of current treatment regimens of cancer, the attention of researchers has been drawn towards exploration of natural sources. Herein, we will focus majorly on bioactive compounds as therapeutic agents for cancer treatment with emphasis on their other possible beneficiary roles.

Total Pages: 215-246 (32)

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