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Advances in Organic Synthesis

Volume 13

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Year of Publication: 2020
DOI: 10.2174/97898114050821201301


Advances in Organic Synthesis is a book series devoted to the latest advances in synthetic approaches towards challenging structures. The series presents comprehensive reviews written by eminent authorities on different synthetic approaches to selected target molecules and new methods developed to achieve specific synthetic transformations or optimal product yields. Advances in Organic Synthesis is essential for all organic chemists in academia and the industry who wish to keep abreast of rapid and important developments in the field.

This volume presents the following reviews:

  • - Electroluminescent polymers - a review on synthesis from organic compounds
  • - Remarkable advances in the asymmetric synthesis of biologically active natural compounds from the advent of chiral auxiliaries
  • - The chemistry of ynamides and their application in organic synthesis
  • - Carbon-heteroatom bond formation for medium ring heterocycles
  • - Tin(ii) salts: versatile and efficient lewis acid catalysts in reactions to add value to the glycerol and terpenic alcohols
  • - (E)-n-methyl-1-(methylthio)-2-nitroethenamine (nmsm) as a versatile ambiphilic synthon in organic synthesis


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Remarkable Advances in the Asymmetric Synthesis of Biologically Active Natural Compounds from the Advent of Chiral Auxiliaries

- Pp. 1-51 (51)
Gaspar Diaz-Muñoz, Izabel Luzia Miranda, Suélen Karine Sartori, Daniele Cristina de Rezende, Jefferson Viktor Barros de Paula Baeta, Fernanda Rodrigues Nascimento, Marisa Alves Nogueira Diaz
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The Chemistry of Ynamide and Its Application in Organic Synthesis

- Pp. 52-170 (119)
Siyu Ye, Na Wu
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Carbon-Heteroatom Bond Formation for Medium Ring Heterocycles

- Pp. 171-247 (77)
Bhaskar Chatterjee, Prateek Bhamboo, Dhananjoy Mondal, Smritilekha Bera
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Tin(II) Salts: A Versatile and Efficient Lewis Acid Catalyst in Reactions to Add Value to the Glycerol and Terpenic Alcohols

- Pp. 248-272 (25)
Marcio J. da Silva, Milena G. Teixeira
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(E)-N-Methyl-1-(Methylthio)-2-Nitroethenamine (Nmsm) as a Versatile Ambiphilic Synthon in Organic Synthesis

- Pp. 273-310 (38)
Pedavenkatagari Narayana Reddy, Pannala Padmaja
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