Authors: Samir Kumar Mandal, Rebeca Ghanta

Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Production: An Introductory Textbook

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ISBN: 978-1-68108-890-7 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2021
DOI: 10.2174/97816810888911220101
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This textbook summarizes preliminary knowledge of bioactive molecules which serve as pharmaceuticals, their use, synthesis and mode of action, as well as the production of commercial constituents such as ethanol, citric acid, antibiotics, amino acid and vitamins.

The text introduces students to the key types of pharmaceuticals and chemicals that are used in routine pharmacy and medical practice. These include common antibacterials, antimalarials, antifungals, analgesics, CNS agents, and antivirals. This information is complemented by a section that covers the production of common ingredients and pharmaceuticals (such as ethanol, citric acid, antibiotics and vitamins). Additional chapters covering the fundamentals of drug design and retrosynthetic analysis of common pharmaceuticals round up the text into a concise resource for learners.

Key Features

  • - Simple structured layout suitable for learners
  • - Considers the CBCS curriculum for Indian Institutions
  • - Covers the subject in 2 parts (Part A: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Part B: Production)
  • - Covers several types of pharmaceuticals used in clinical practice
  • - Covers the fermentation process and the production of antibiotics, pharmaceutical commodities and nutrients
  • - Introduces the reader to fundamentals of drug design
  • - Includes retrosynthetic analysis of several pharmaceuticals
  • - Includes an appendix for handy information

Audience: students of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy and associated programs in medicine, biotechnology and life sciences at diploma, undergraduate and graduate levels.


"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity" Hippocrates

The main part of this book is pharmaceuticals - what every student of pharmaceutical sciences should know: specially its use, mode of action, chemical synthesis along with the relevant chemistry. Pharmaceuticals are important from top to ground people to survive with care. This necessitates basic understanding about their biological behaviour. This book is looking to outline an approach to pharmaceutical chemistry, at a level easily understood by the beginners. It is written for students of future scientist, and for university/college associates to acquire some basic knowledge in their courses curriculum. The text provides some introductory concepts on drug discovery and drug related terminologies for the beginners. In addition, an introduction to metabolism and synthesis at very basic level to the beginners are presented. Another part contains fermentation that describes its importance mainly in present era, some old protocol, what the convenient processes are, how it can be developed for modern need. Modern technologies at very preliminary level are discussed. Attempts have been taken to provide information of some microbial products. Their natural and commercial production process and development is described in a simple way. It is sincerely hoped that learning about these curriculum will allow students to make informed decisions regarding development of more potent drug and advance production method in their future work.

Attempts have been taken to collect information from different sources and tried best for understanding. In spite of proper care, we undoubtedly believe that there might have error in many reasons. Though the responsibility of the error is sole of us, but constructive suggestions from readers will be appreciated.

We would like to thank my dear students who requested repeatedly to help them in newly implemented CBCS curriculum in India. We are grateful to the authors of books/articles and Institutional reports either through printed manner or web which helped us to prepare the text. We sincerely thank to Bentham Publisher for considering our thought to deliver in the form of book.

We express deep regards to our parents, teachers, well-wishers and special thanks to our little angel ‘Suvam’ for his natty, sacrifice and support through the entire period of our engagement in preparation of the content. We sincerely miss to share our gratitude to them we lost.


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Samir Kumar Mandal
Department of Chemistry
Saldiha College
Saldiha, Bankura


Rebeca Ghanta
Department of Botany
Ramananda College
Bishnupur, Bankura


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