Chapter 10

Blockchain-based Cultivating Ideas for Growth: A New Agronomics Perspective

Vishakha, Nikhil Sharma*, Bharat Bhushan and Ila Kaushik


The development of nourishment and food is an essential requirement of nations for their affluence and welfare. Agriculture is the science and specialty of developing plants and livestock. In sedentary human civilization, agriculture plays a key role. The agribusiness needs to do a ton of work to keep up and fabricate the purchaser’s trust with regards to the food quality check. A blockchain-based agricultural arrangement holds a guarantee for the agro-business with its capacity to acquire clarity and transparency in the framework. Minimal effort agrarian protection plans are progressively seen as instruments for giving social assurance to the individuals influenced by floods or dry seasons. In assisting with the diminishing effects, they endure because of such occasions. Therefore, this chapter introduces the idea of blockchain technology, extensive literature survey, including a review of blockchain development in the nourishment sector followed by the cases in the food supply chain. This chapter presented various opportunities and an ideal architecture of how blockchain will function in the farming sector. Finally, the chapter concludes by featuring open research difficulties in this field.

Total Pages: 195-219 (25)

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