Editors: Shigao Huang, Jie Yang

Current and Future Application of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Medicine

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Year of Publication: 2021
DOI: 10.2174/97816810884191210101


Current and Future Application of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Medicine presents updates on the application of machine learning and deep learning techniques in medical procedures. . Chapters in the volume have been written by outstanding contributors from cancer and computer science institutes with the goal of providing updated knowledge to the reader. Topics covered in the book include 1) Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in cancer diagnosis and therapy, 2) Updates in AI applications in the medical industry, 3) the use of AI in studying the COVID-19 pandemic in China, 4) AI applications in clinical oncology (including AI-based mining for pulmonary nodules and the use of AI in understanding specific carcinomas), 5) AI in medical imaging. Each chapter presents information on related sub topics in a reader friendly format. The combination of expert knowledge and multidisciplinary approaches highlighted in the book make it a valuable source of information for physicians and clinical researchers active in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment (oncologists, oncologic surgeons, radiation oncologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and radiologists) and computer science scholars seeking to understand medical applications of artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence (AI) brought me a breakthrough regarding clinical data and computer models. Nowadays, with the development of AI significantly advances progress, we hope the researcher can utilize this modern technology to improve clinical accuracy such as diagnosis, prognosis, therapeutic, and so on. Clinical work is filled enough with patients and they need AI help to minimize workload and improve the high efficiency of the medical assignment.

Titled “Current and Prevalent Trends in Clinical Medicine with Artificial Intelligence” this book included AI application in cancer diagnosis and prognosis, AI accelerates the development and transformation of the medical care AI in China’s COVID-19 Pandemic and AI experience of fighting with the COVID-19. All readers welcome to read. In this book, you can learn the AI technology with Clinical knowledge., the latest advance of AI application in the clinic, even now, it can be applied in the COVID-19 pandemic. We are trying to collect the latest issue regarding AI in Clinical Oncology.

In preparing this book we have had the privilege of collaborating with outstanding contributors from leading comprehensive cancer and computer specialist. We believe that the authors’ expertise, distinguished pieces of knowledge, and multidisciplinary approaches provide a valuable source of information and can guide decision-making for physicians and clinical researchers.

All physicians active in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment (oncologists, oncologic surgeons, radiation oncologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and radiologists) and computer specialists on artificial intelligence are the target audience for this book. The book can also be used to train young specialists who are preparing for a multidisciplinary crossover examination.

We dedicate this book to those who treat people with dignity and respect and to organizations and individuals committed to building a peaceful world.

Shigao Huang
Faculty of Health Science
University of Macau


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