Chapter 9

Development of Artificial Intelligence in Imaging and Pathology

Gang Liu and Tao Qi*


Artificial intelligence technology is frontier technology as the interaction and cooperation between AI, and different disciplines can bring great opportunities and impetus to the development in social, scientific, and technological progress. This chapter included AI in imaging, pathology, and development in pathological diagnosis. With the continuous progress of society and science, AI technology has penetrated all aspects of human production and life, greatly promoting the liberation of productivity and the change in human lifestyle. Among them, the medical field is the one that has been significantly changed. The development and integration of the two disciplines have brought great changes to the development of healthcare systems across the globe. AI technology has been widely used in the field of medical treatment, including medical education, medical imaging, pathology, diagnostics, medical robotics, medical data management, molecular tumor research, etc. However, with time, the disadvantages of AI have been gradually exposed, and this historic cross-border cooperation also faces many challenges.

Total Pages: 109-131 (23)

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