Chapter 4

Artificial Intelligence System and its Application in Clinical Oncology

Shigao Huang*, Jie Yang, Qun Song, Kexing Liu, Simon Fong and Qi Zhao


The essence of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) decision system is that it helps us to make a better clinical plan and improve decision efficiency. Mature systems need data, core algorithms, and good interface support. Based on the cancer database of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology and the domestic core algorithm, we created the AI decision system with independent intellectual property rights using I ~ IVphases of clinical trials and research. To verify the accuracy of the system, we need assistance from doctors at different levels. The promotion of this system will further improve the standardized diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and provide guidance for the establishment and application of other intelligent decision-making systems.

Total Pages: 46-58 (13)

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