Editors: Xianzhong Xie, Bo Rong, Michel Kadoch

6G Wireless Communications and Mobile Networking

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ISBN: 978-1-68108-797-9 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2021
DOI: 10.2174/97816810879621210101


6G Wireless Communications and Mobile Networking introduces the key technologies behind 6G wireless communication and mobile networking to the reader. The book starts with a general vision of 6G technology, which includes the motivation that drives 6G research, the international organizations working on 6G standardization and recent progress in 6G research. Separate chapters on millimeter-wave and terahertz-wave technologies in 6G, the development of latest 6G antenna technology as well as related wireless communication applications are included in the contents. The book also provides details about the 6G network layer, such as self-organizing network driven by network slicing, software-defined networking and network function virtualization. Finally, it covers some popular research topics, including the challenges and solutions to massive 6G IoT networks, 6G cloud/edge computing and big data systems that may appear in the foreseeable future.

Key Features:

- Provides a complete introduction to 6G vision and technology

- Consists of both basic theories and frontier technologies

- Separate chapters on key topics such as 6G physical layers, millimeter wave and terahertz technology and advanced antenna arrays

- Covers future trends and applications such as intelligent management systems, 6G IoT networks, cloud/edge computing and big data applications

This focused reference will significantly enhance the knowledge of engineering students and apprentices involved in the field of telecommunications. Readers interested in cutting-edge wireless networking technologies will also benefit from the information provided.


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Xianzhong Xie, Bo Rong, Michel Kadoch
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List of Contributors

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Xianzhong Xie, Bo Rong, Michel Kadoch
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Explaining 6G Spectrum THz, mmWave, Sub 6, and Low-Band

- Pp. 1-22 (22)
Xianzhong Xie*, Bo Rong, Michel Kadoch
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Millimeter Wave Communication Technology

- Pp. 23-76 (54)
Aart W. Kleyn, Wei Luo*, Bo Yin
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Antenna Evolution for Massive MIMO

- Pp. 77-148 (72)
Min Wang*, Brian D. Gerardot
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Terahertz Technology Applied in Mobile Communications

- Pp. 149-188 (40)
Anthony J. Vickers, Jia Ran*
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Intelligent Network Slicing Management and Control for 6G Mobile Networks

- Pp. 189-207 (19)
Fanqin Zhou*, Mohamed Cheriet
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Applications and Implementations of 6G Internet of Things

- Pp. 208-223 (16)
Tao Hong*, Fei Qi
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Cloud/edge Computing and Big Data System with 6G

- Pp. 224-242 (19)
Peng Yu*, Lei Shi
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Subject Index

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Xianzhong Xie, Bo Rong, Michel Kadoch
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.Modern Radio Signals Filtering Devices Methods, Technologies & Structures.
.Fractal Antenna Design using Bio-inspired Computing Algorithms.
.Passive Location Method Based on Phase Difference Measurement.