Chapter 2

How Can a Country Defeat COVID-19? Value of R0, Rt and Re

Ozgur Karcioglu , Selman Yeniocak and Mandana Hosseinzadeh


Eradication of a disease is a very difficult and multi-factorial, multi-faceted question. The prevalence of COVID-19 in the regions around the country, the intensity of the population’s relationship with other countries, age distribution, and other demographic factors affect the magnitude of the impact of the disease on a population. In addition, the virulence of the virus, the immunity level of the population, measures taken for immunization, availability of necessary drugs, the capacity of the health sector to mitigate the pandemic will affect the damage on the society as a whole. The tests applied to identify the cases, filing, and surveillance are effective factors in the response of the state's health organization to this disease.

Total Pages: 17-30 (14)

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