Chapter 5

Radiological Investigations of Oesophago-Gastric Disorders

Robert Foster and Sami M. Shimi


The contribution of radiological investigations in oesophago-gastric disorders has traditionally been diagnostic and for staging of malignant disease. However, radiological techniques have evolved in recent years into interventional procedures in the management of gastrointestinal bleeding, porto-systemic shunt formation, biopsies, stent placement and in the management of post-surgical complications. Indeed, interventional radiology cover is one of the criteria stipulated in guidelines for a quality oesophago-gastric service. The evolution of radiological modalities of investigation and staging has brought a larger choice of techniques and more sophisticated equipment, which have impacted, on clinical practice. This has resulted in the requirement for super specialisation amongst radiologists in order to keep abreast of contemporary techniques. “G-I radiologists” have become adept with the nuances of specialist interpretation of radiographic images of the gastro-intestinal tract and have embraced advanced techniques of image acquisition and interrogation to provide maximal information. In addition, some have developed specialised interventional procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Total Pages: 110-147 (38)

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