Editor: Ana Cláudia Teodoro

Series Title: Frontiers in Information Systems

GIS – An Overview of Applications

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2018
DOI: 10.2174/97816810861181180101


GIS – An Overview of Applications is a compilation of reviews that give an overview of the latest advances in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The multidisciplinary nature of the book gives readers perspectives in research fields as diverse as forest management, land use and cover, tourism, environment impact assessment, climate change studies, biodiversity and health care and mobility studies.

The book is a suitable reference for graduates involved in data engineering and GIS courses as well as working professionals in the field of data engineering, analysis and management.


- Pp. i
Fernando Noronha
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- Pp. ii
Ana Claudia Teodoro
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Ana Claudia Teodoro
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Predicting Land Use and Land Cover Changes for Landscape Planning: An Integration of Markov Chains and Cellular Automata Using GIS

- Pp. 1-31 (31)
Francisco Reis Sacramento Gutierres, Paulo Jorge Zuzarte de Mendonça Godinho-Ferreira, Eusebio Joaquim Marques dos Reis, Carlos Silva Neto
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Agent-based Modelling of Tourists Destination Decision-Making Process

- Pp. 32-66 (35)
Ines Boavida-Portugal, Jorge Rocha, Carlos Cardoso Ferreira, Jose Luis Zezere
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Spatial Geostatistical Analysis Applied To The Barroso-Alvao Rare-Elements Pegmatite Field (Northern Portugal)

- Pp. 67-101 (35)
David Silva, Alexandre Lima, Eric Gloaguen, Charles Gumiaux, Fernando Noronha, Sarah Deveaud
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Open Source GIS Tools: Two Environmental Applications

- Pp. 102-123 (22)
Lia Barbara Cunha Barata Duarte, Jose Alberto Alvares Pereira Goncalves, Ana Claudia Teodoro
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The Role of GIS and LIDAR as Tools for Sustainable Forest Management

- Pp. 124-148 (25)
Ruben Fernandez de Villaran San Juan, Juan Manuel Domingo-Santos
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GIS for Spatial Biology: The Geographical Component of Life

- Pp. 149-183 (35)
Neftali Sillero, Candida G. Vale, Wouter Beukema
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GPS Data Mining for Monitoring Community Mobility of Individuals

- Pp. 184-207 (24)
Sungsoon Hwang, Timothy Hanke, Christian Evans
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Subject Index

- Pp. 208-215 (8)
Ana Claudia Teodoro
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.Principles of Automation and Control.
.Analog Circuit Design for Communication SOC.
.Communication Theory and Signal Processing for Transform Coding.