Chapter 9

Carbon Nanotubes and its Toxicity

Suman Lata, Bhawana Sharma, C. S. Pundir and Rajesh Dabur


Many researchers are fascinated by carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as it is one of the most exploited and unique engineered nano-materials in biomedical application. Inspite fascinating properties, CNTs was also questioned for their biocompatibility. CNTs have remarkable properties such as small size, conductivity, mechanical strength and surface chemistry. Due to these properties, CNTs are exploited in biomedical applications therefore there is a need for the assessment of toxicity of CNTs. Researchers monitor the toxicity level of CNTS both in vitro and in vivo. Various tests are available to determine the cytotoxicity level of CNTs. This chapter describes the various aspects of toxicity related to CNTs.

Total Pages: 278-291 (14)

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